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Wednesday, June 08, 2011
The Trace Face Philes Giveaway!!

The Trace Face Philes is having a giveaway! This is the second giveaway I'm joining right now! Moreover, it's open internationally!! I am so excited! I chose Orly Purple Crush set because I already have Color Club Chelsea Girl. This giveaway is pretty big! there's so many things!! Hehe.. I hope I will be the lucky winner. I'm still trying to set a proper nail blog and get the polish addict badge!

Thinking of you till 11:38 PM

Legally Lacquered Giveaway!!
There's a giveaway at legallylacquered!! It's within the USA! I am so excited.. I have so many nail polishes but an extra one wouldn't hurt. Moreover, it's Nfu Oh #61! It's only allowed maximum 2 per customer. I hope I will win this. So far, no luck at giveaways. Hope this one will win. AWESOME nail polish!!

Thinking of you till 12:23 AM