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Tuesday, August 05, 2008
It has been a while since I came home from Japan. I went on the 15th July (my brother's birthday) and came home on the 22nd July. It's a very lovely place and the things there are so beautiful! Very hard to resist! Sad to say most of the things are expensive and my mum and I did not bring enough cash along. The local brand like shiseido, kose, canmake, Gatsby are super cheap though. I will definitely bring more money I next time I go to Japan. My mum also wants to go back there! So fun! And next time will be free and easy.

I went to Disney Sea instead of Disneyland though. But I didn't regret. My mum, her colleague and I spent the whole day there! We queued nearly 2 hours for rides and took fast pass for some rides. I was sun burnt by the end of the day as the weather there was hotter than Singapore. We also went to Mt Fuji and I managed to see the mountain! I must be lucky. But Mt Fuji didn't have any snow then. So it was grass and clear. The rest of the days are sightseeing and visiting temples. Shopping only around 2 days.
When I came home to Singapore and collected my 2 rabbits, whom I left at House of Chinchilla for boarding, I had a pleasant surprise. Ruby was changing fur and colour She was initially snow white and now, she's becoming a Himalayan. What a beautiful girl! Chacko still seems to be moody. Haha.. That boy very temperamental. Well, my interest in cats have been active lately. I might be keeping a cat when I move back home. Preferably a Russian Blue, ginger or grey colour cat. Here's a picture of Chacko and Ruby.

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