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Sunday, January 31, 2010
Well well.. I had facial today and bought 4 pairs of shoes on an impulse at Shine! 1 pair of black low cut boots, 1 pair of red heels, 1 pair of flats and 1 pair of wedges! Om-gosh lah.. I am so dead. Luckily, many items were out of stock from the Taiwan spree. So, my expenditure dropped from $400++ to $300+. *whew*

I had work at night and met Bran after that. He surprised me by bringing me to this restuarant near The Pier, around Clarke Quay area. We had some tomato mussels and ham with beef I think. It was yummy. Of course there was Belgian beer too! I felt so sleepy after drinking. =( Bran drove me home and I'm heading for bed soon. Got to be up for church early tomorrow.

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Saturday, January 30, 2010
I went supper with Sin How last night. Today's a lazy day. Sorry ZX for my fickle-minded-ness. Baby shower at Jackie jie jie's place was a pleasant one. Wonderful daughters she has! Thanks Sin How for the movie, 14 Blades. And I enjoyed supper. =)
See you soon. Enjoy your day at Jessica's place tomorrow.

Gonna sleep now. Long day tomorrow.

Side note: Joven just untagged all his pictures on facebook. And I took 3 whole albums down. I am starting to hate the letter J. I hate you. *GRAHHhhhhhh*

Good night, world.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010
Surprise Me, Surprise You
Dinner yesterday with Sin How was quite a good one. We talked quite a lot and he shared many things with me. I stuttered a few times as I kept thinking before I speak. I was afraid to offend him hence 'the think before you speak' was knocking inside my head. Haha.. I can be really blunt at times and have offended people before. So I'm trying to practise this habit of 'think before you speak'. Even Jo says I should cultivate this habit. LOL. After dinner, we sat for a while more before showing Sin How to my place. He said that our design was simple and nice. And he said my house is very cosy! It was like the 1st time a friend actually likes my house and my room. Probably because yesterday was windy. Not the usual Michelle's stuffy room. Hehe..

At about 10.10 pm, we headed to Yassin to meet Alex Chong. My whole time there was awkward but Sin How was polite enough to apologise to me. So courteous right? *bleah* We stayed till about 11.40 pm before heading back home.

Tuesday was the usual. But today I tried a whole new look. I'm glad it didn't turn out bad. Haha.. I kept worrying coz many people keep looking at me. >.< I went to meet Kayvern after class. Sin How decided to join us too. Mum said I shouldn't bring 2 random guys out on a date with me. I'll take note of that, mum! But I thought no harm making more friends.. =/

Kayvern actually surprised me with tiramisu made by him and a mini bouquet of flowers (lily). That even made me felt more bad. I'm sorry Kayvern but I really treat you as my friend. We went for dinner and Sin How joined us after that. We went to watch Tooth Fairy. It was fucking funny lah! Haha.. We were laughing our heads off. After movie end, we went to the prata at YCK Road there for supper. Sin How drove me home. I had a late night AGAIN! Was playing with James and Bob and we won! MUAHAHA.. Like finally.

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Monday, January 25, 2010
Happy Birthday Gerry!
WOW! I had a slight hangover and a bad neck ache since I haven't been clubbing for 3 months plus. Sunday was a tiring one. I woke up at about 12, had lunch, played 1 game and then went back to sleep again. Haha.. I was supposed to go out with Jo to get headphones but we were just too tired. Oh well.. I got up, bathed and went for my cousin, Gerry's (Geraldine), 21st birthday. The food was quite bland. Thus, dinner wasn't that all fantastic. But hey, it was her treat. =)

I found out that she and her bf were no longer together. It was kind of 3rd party thingy and I could tell that she was hurt pretty badly since Izat was her 1st boyfriend. I remembered the 1st time I met him. I didn't think they would last. I felt that he wasn't the right one for her but of course I didn't say. They actually planned when and how their wedding would be. Well, shit happens. So I just consoled her and advise her. My other cousin, Jasmine, patched with her ex-boyfriend. Well, I can say he didn't give me a good impression. They wouldn't last too. Trust me. My dad say I have good judgment. But when I am in the person's shoes, I kinda lose most of my rationality and it is not a good thing.

Back to the topic.. Love these days are overrated. People don't really know what real or true love is. I don't want to start my philosophy here. But I do hope that I will find the right one for me in time to come. I believe there's one for everyone. God planned out lives and I believe His plans never shortchange us. Sin How told me this: "Relationship is a burden. Breaking up is a relief. And marriage is a suicide." What are your views? Write them on my tagboard if you have some opinions. =)

Sin How, I'm looking for to our day trip to Malaysia. Lol.. I'll be meeting him tonight for dinner. He's actually Alex Chong's and Tan's friend. Why am I recontacting back with so many people.. Pfft.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010
Well well.. After the emo period was over, I felt much better! Almost in excellent condition! I had a very very good dinner on Thursday with auntie Irene, mum, dad and sis. We had Japanese food at Sushi Tei! Jun and Gloria was supposed to hang out after dinner so she came over to meet Mel first. Then dad told her to join  us but she didn't want to. So, dad insisted. And she finally gave in. Dinner was very 'ri nao'. We headed home after that and sis went out with Gloria.


Classes are as usual on Friday. Zhen Xiang  and I went for lunch and dinner together. Then we decided to catch The Spy Next Door. I chose a happy movie because I want to brighten up my night. Zhen Xiang didn't mind accompanying me. Thank you alot! You've been supporting me all this while although I still think you ARE stubborn! Haha.. The show was really a good choice. Very funny and heartwarming show. Thanks Jonathan (my cousin in Kuching) for the recommendation!

Well, I had corporate finance lesson this morning as usual. Then, mum drove me home and I slept after lunch. Jo's room is still the best! So cooling! My room was like the most humid of all the rooms. *sad* I cleaned my rabbit cage before I bathed and prepared to go out for dinner. I treated my family to Mellben Seafood. But when we got there, everything screwed up. The magazine put Mellben but the number was Uncle Leong's Seafood. So, the place I reserved was actually Uncle Leong's. And I found out that the bosess of Mellben and Uncle Leong's are actually brothers. Perhaps they mix up the signboard name. =(

After much discussion, I reluctantly settled for Uncle Leong's. We ordered tofu, sweet sour pork, creamy butter crab, salted egg yolk prawns, broccoli with garlic and oyster sauce and white rice. Luckily, dinner was delicious thus I didn't complain much about not having dinner at Mellben. The bill came up to $119.10 which was quite reasonable. We fetched Mel to Gloria's house as they were going to celebrate together. I went home to prepare for clubbing. Selina decided to join her new group of friends at St. James. Supposedly, only Joo, Chian, Hann Bin and I were going. In the end, Angela, Tze Siew, Leo, Marcus, Lloyd and Bran came to join us! Happening sia!! We had a really fun time. I think I really rusty liao.. Dance also tiring. Haha.. Jo say I dance like guy lah.. What the strawberries.. It was a fun night! Off to bed.



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Thursday, January 21, 2010
It's Complicated
I met Kai Wen on Tuesday for dinner! And met some of his friends. We had dinner at Everything With Fries and it came up to $17+ per person! We had fun talking and I made some new friends. The food there was good though the selection was limited. I had breaded salmon and egg soup!

Joven's attached! Although our relationship was long gone, feelings still linger. Well, Ben says I need not feel happy for him but I still wish him all the best! Wen Yang told me to play the UFO catcher whenever I pass an arcade. The day I caught one will be the day I move on and replace the green beanie Jov gave. I know Wen Yang was just trying and console me but it helps! =D

It's complicated. That is what alot of people would say about their relationships now. Sometimes, I don't understand why but I think I know now. It is us people who makes things complicated when things are actually very simple. It is either yes or no, will or will not. Why isn't the world simple enough to comprehend?

Right now, I'm just waiting. Waiting for God, waiting for the right one. We are all humans, we are sinners, we have our needs, but.. Whether we want to live righteously or not is up to us. I want to and I shouldn't keep finding excuses not to. =/

There are many potentials out there and some of them are really, really nice people. But taking the 1st step towards God is a big one. I must not let myself fall into the vicious cycle anymore. I want to get out of it. People ask why are you Christians so strict. They don't understand why we place God so importantly. Living in a family with 2 religions will create problems. That will be my next blog. Stay tune~

Alright, I shall continue my 'It's Complicated' thing. Ervin told me he doesn't understand why girls these days just want casual relationships, with no strings attached. Well.. I think we live in a material world. We just want company, short term security without getting ourselves involved. That's why. It seems alright to have such relationships. BUT it is not. It is morally wrong. Really. That's what I think. We girls should learn to protect ourselves. Not succumb to the worldly treasures. Bible says that our treasures are in heaven. It is true because when we pass on, that's where we'll be going. Or at least, that's where I want to go.. Oh well, it's complicated. ;)

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Sunday, January 17, 2010
New Hair Style!
Today was a special Sunday. I woke up super early for church, bathe, make up and went to get breakfast for sis and dad before heading to church with Jun. I didn't sleep in church today! Although I was only paying half attention. I was supposed to meet Bobby but he overslept! BOOO! So after church, I went to meet Joven and he brought me to his cousin's place to see the chinchilla. Then we talked abit.

After viewing was done, I went to pay my didi Corey a visit but he was still sleeping! So auntie helped me trim, dye and bleach my hair. The colour came out super bright and didi was also shocked to see the new colour. LOL.. Auntie and I didn't expect my hair to 'eat' so much bleach. Had we known, we would have choosen a lighter colour for the dye base. But I kind of like it. Embrace new changes in 2010! Love more, play less, work hard, sleep early, eat healthy, blah blah blah..

I went to meet Joel for Daybreakers and on the way to my destination, I gave up this seat for an old uncle and people was staring at me. I don't know what the fuck are they looking at. Is it my hair, me giving up seat or cannot believe ah lian got kind heart? Haha.. Sadly, there were 4 old people and only I gave my seat up. People should be more compassionate and practise this 'shi li'. Enough said. Guess what.. I was early! So I waited 20 mins for Jo. He said to keep up my punctuality. I am trying to!! It takes alot of effort to kick this 'coming late' bad habit which followed me since I was little. We headed to BK for dinner. Daybreakers wass an awesome movie but the last 8 mins + totally killed everything. Jo said the movie was shit. He also mentioned that a bad ending make a bad movie. Oh well.. We'll be catching more shows in time to come!

Jun fetched us from Serangoon MRT and we kind of argued coz I wanted to head somewhere else and she wanted to use the car. Oh well, I just gave in. So she fetched me home and bro to camp. I will try to be a better sister, bro and sis!

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Thursday, January 14, 2010
Cooking Time!
I was sick on Monday till today. I'm down with flu and cough. As usual, dad is nagging about me and reminding me to take medicine which I always do when I'm ill. I realized that SIM had introduced this tapping of card to mark attendence policy and it sucks! Big time. Oh well, we also have to tap like when class starts and not during break coz that would mean late or absent. Grace period is only an hour which I think it is quite acceptable. I skipped lesson and cancelled tuition on Monday so that I could rest at home.

But you know what.. I ended up cooking dinner in the end. Haha.. I had the sudden mood to cook so I googled, went out to buy the ingredients and prepared cooking. I took about 2+ hours to finish. Making the cheese sauce was tough work. I added milk, lots of parmesan ans romano cheese, honey baked ham (sliced), mushroom (sliced and fried), garlic (baked for 45 mins and mashed), potato (boiled and diced) and stirring non-stop till my hands ache! Bratwurst (german sausage) was boiled in Tiger beer and chopped onion then toasted. I didn't know how to see whether it's cooked so I boiled a little longer. It turned out abit dry. Well, I ensure it'll be juicy next time. Hehe..

Soup of the day was clam chowder with milk! Zhen Xiang came over to tried my cooking. He said next day no lesson so he didn't mind. At first, I didn't knowwhat he meant but after that, I do! Mean lah.. Dinner was filling and Jun didn't finish her portion. ZX helped me do the dishes while I prepared fruits even though he can cut better than me. Haha.. After dinner we talked abit, played with Rocky and Chacko before he headed home. What a tiring day!

Ms Clare cancelled Macro on Tuesday as she was unwell. I had leftover soup for lunch and dinner. Haha.. Mixed with the ingredients and pasta of course. Good for me as I rested at home.

Mum was back on Wednesday and she tabao-ed lunch for me! I went for tuition in the late afternoon and gave my students Ferrero Rocher. This is a pleasant bunch of girls. I walked to Kovan Heartland Mall to buy Edo sushi for dinner which costed me $11.10. Then I took a cab back as the bus will take 18 mins to arrive! So long!! They should speed up the time for bus 136. Moreover, it was peak hour! I got home, ate, bathe, play a match of dota and headed for bed. So tired.

I'm having tuition today and still don't know what to have for lunch I'll be meeting ZX for dinner and we should be having yu pian mee fen tang (slice fish mee soup). Update soon!

Thinking of you till 11:50 AM

Sunday, January 10, 2010
Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll.
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

This is a victorian poem called Invictus and it had helped South Africa's first fully democratic elected former president, Nelson Mandela a.k.a. Madiba, during his years of incarceration.

Today was a special Sunday as I had Corporate Finance class in the morning. Upon arriving in school, I realized that I did not bring my handphone. The old me would panic like a spider but the new me did not. I simply got down Xiang Hao's and Gerald's number through my sister. Xiang Hao picked me up at school in his white SYM VS 150 scooter. It is fully automated. He kind of beat the read light as I was talking to him. Thank God there was no oncoming vehicles at the box junction! We headed to West Mall at Bukit Batok and bought tickets. We had lunch at foodcourt.

Well, we did some catching up before catching Invictus directed by Clint Eastwood and acted by Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon. The show is about the foresight of Nelson Mandela. Matt Damon plays Francois, an American football (we call it rugby) captain who is leading Springboks, an all white team from England except for Chester. Contradictary is that Springboks represents South Africa's football team. The team is supported by whites and disgusted by blacks. However, in the young hearts of the black children, Springboks was a team where they idolized and looked up to. Watch the movie to find out more! =P

After the movie, Xiang Hao brought me home in his scooter. I rested at home for a while before meeting Gerald at Sushi tei for dinner. We talked quite abit and I foot the bill as he paid the previous time. I had an early night as I wasn't feeling too well. I found out that Auntie Jackie had passed away due to a liver cancer relapse and mum's flying off to Sarawak tomorrow to attend the wake.  So fragile is the human soul. The moment you give up the will to live, you are gone.. We should all learn to appreciate life and treasure our health. Rest in God, Auntie Jackie.

Thinking of you till 11:15 PM

Long Beach (Dempsey)
Today is a long long day for me. I woke up early for Corporate Finance and I wasn't feeling too well. Mum went to pick me up from school. I went home, had lunch, cleaned the rabbits' cages. After cleaning, I decided to sell Ruby and the babies as they are seriously giving me too much work. So I'm just keeping Chacko and Rocky. Mum and dad fetched me to my work place today. They still disapprove of me holding this job. Sheesh! Working there was quite pleasant. Today's partner is Alyssa. She's also a new girl and it was my first time working with her. We had a glass a young coconut juice each as knock off time was nearing. It was fresh and yummy! Hehe.. My parents picked me up and we headed home! It was really a tiring day as I didn't have my usual afternoon nap! Got to sleep now.. Having Corporate Finance class tomorrow morning. YES, on a Sunday morning! =(

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Friday, January 08, 2010
The Vampire's Assistant
Today wasn't the typical Friday for me. I was kind of rushing due to lack of time. I was supposed to visit my sister but she already got discharged this morning. Hope she feeling better now. Drink more water, Jun! So, I skipped the visit and went for lunch with Kayvern at the market place. I wanted to eat mee tai mak but uncle close liao!! So we settled lunch with kway chap! Kayvern, as usual, ordered so much food!!! But we somehow managed to finish it all. Haha.. He drove me to Havelock Road to collect the uniform from Zeta. She wasn't feeling well, thus she was resting at home. Get well soon, Zeta! After collecting my uniform, Kayvern sent me to school.

P.S. Thanks Kayvern for the herbal tea and all that late night supper! And for bringing me home in one piece!

During break, I went to meet Zhen Xiang as his class was just beside mine. I passed him his birthday card and he liked the drawing. But the inside wasn't up to my expection. Probably because I was rushing and my pen couldn't come out right! Grrr... =( I hope you like the card! We both know why the cover is a pink panther. *wink winks* And yes, I'll definitely study with you. We should start real soon. Exams will be here fast! I read your blog coz it's interesting. I only read your blog as of now. Be honoured. Haha.. =D

We headed to AMK hub after lesson. The bus (74) was freezing cold that day! *brrrr* After much walking and thinking, we decided to eat sushi for dinner. I gave Zhen Xiang a dinner treat at Suki Sushi and a movie treat. We watched Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant. I think it's a great movie! I went home to google the novel and realised that it's 4 book series and a triology each. Meaning there are 12 different stories/ chapters! I hope the 2nd part of the movie will be as great as the first. The movie lasted for 109 mins. We both headed hme after the show and had an early night.

I have morning class tomorrow and work in the evening! Gonna be a long day.. And oh, congratulations to Ray for finding a girlfriend. So so unlike him. I hope he's a changed man. =X

Thinking of you till 11:38 PM

Wednesday, January 06, 2010
Happy Birthday Zhen Xiang!
Everyday has been the same routine that's why I didn't blog much..

I met Kayvern on Saturday and we smuggled our BK dinner inside the cinema while watching Sherlock Holmes. Hehehe.. It's a great movie!! After the movie, Kayv went ahead to give me my present. The 1st one was pretty small. So I opened it up and it was a tweezer inside! He purposely gave me that to chee siao me lor.. I saw it and gave him the 'dot dot dot' face. LOL! Next present was something I really really like alot. It's a mini figurine for me made by him. So lovely! And I happened to wear the same colour top as the miniature! He also made 2 cards for me. For the epilator, I went home to open. Thanks Kayv!

I skipped church on Sunday again. That's really bad. I really have to go back to church. Stayed at home for the whole of Sunday. Eh, not really. Haha.. Kayv drove me to Zeta's place to pass my timesheet. Then, we went to Suntec to pick his mum and sis and to Eunos to pick his 'sao zi' before fetching me home. My cousins, Jie Jie Lan (Jean) and Uncle Sey Lek were already at my place before I left the house. It was Jie Jie Lan's birthday so Uncle Sey Lek treated us dinner at Sushi Tei and YAY, the old chocolate wafer came back! But they changed the wafer. I didn't bother because the contents were more important! YUMMY YUMMY! We had supper at Chomp Chomp after that and sister treated. =D

Monday was boring.. Tuesday was another boring day. Jun didn't tell us that she has been vomitting for the past 5 days. She was finally sent to the clinic to do a thorough check up. She took blood tests and the result will only be out today. Devan (her ex) facebooked me and I found out that my sister actually dumped him, not the other way round. And it was because of Gloria. Again. I find that she's like invading into my sister's life. Even Joel feels so. Moreover, Jun is going to Australia to study with her soon. Gosh! I mean, studying is good. But Gloria influenced her to go over. This year will be a lonely year for me. With Jo in camp and Jun overseas.. =(( At least I still get to see Joel. But Jun.. Just when our relationship was getting better, she has to leave. Oh well, see what God plans for us then. I just hope we will all keep in touch and continue the bonding.

I met Brett for lunch and we cab to school together. Then we met for dinner too and he sent me home. And boy! Journey with him was tiring. He was full of crap! Like only to me? Nene seh.. Keep disturbing me. But having this kind of friend can brighten up my day. Thank you Brett!

Today is Wednesday! Happy birthday Zhen Xiang! Sheesh, he's already 26! HAHA!! *bleah* He's going to celebrate with his friends today. I'll celebrate with him on Friday instead. Well, I hope your start of this year will be a blast! I'm going to Pertapis Women's Home for tuition later. Hope I can have more assignments. Heee... Got to drink more water or else I'll have a sore throat. Have been eating chocolates and chips alot! I will be meeting DK (Daryl Kang) after tuition for dinner. Stay tune!

N.B. I tried the epilator Kayv gave. It fucking hurts but at least, I'm pretty much hairless now. LOL!

Thinking of you till 12:29 PM

Saturday, January 02, 2010
Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010

2009 is finally over. 2010 will definitely be a good year for everyone! At least for me!!! =) Counting down at my cousin's place was a blast! We sang song, played and talked. We had a sharing session and I would like to see more of this kind of gathering in future. I handed out Ferrero to everybody. We shared with each other about what GOD had done in our lives for 2009 and what we would like to see and improve in 2010. Thanks cousin Gary for the ox tail stew! It was DELICIOUS! Everything ended about 2.30 pm.

I went to meet my ex neighbours, Keith, Olivier and Casper, for a house party hosted by their church friend, Phillip. I was worried about being the odd one out but I managed to fit in. Yapee! I made many new friends that night. We played drinking games and the guys tried to get me drunk in beer except for my neighbours of course. Haha.. But heng, I'm still surviving. Someone mentioned that I'm a good drinker. Well, now I know. We went for prata and 4 guys walked me home after that. Hehe.. Zhen Xiang accompanied me through sms till morning! Thank Zhen Xiang!!! I'm sorry I didn't countdown with you. Please don't get mad at me.

1st January 2010 was a rest day for me. Mum made fish maw with rock sugar. I love that. If I had known dad didn't like it, I would have drank his share. Wakaka! I planned to sleep early but Ben Russell kept talking to me! He didn't want to let me go. =( He'll be back sometime next week. Alex is flying today! I thought yesterday. Haha.. Silly me. Ben said he'll have a house party at his apartment when he's back. I can't wait! Oh, my dear Ray called me to say that he's leaving for Japan for holiday and asked if I wanted to get anything. =D

I had classes this morning! Gosh, I was so sleepy. I'm having lunch now. Zhen Xiang played mahjong the throughout the whole night and won $18! Later still have to clean rabbit cages. Getting tougher man.. After that going to Geylang to pass my time sheet to Zeta. Good news! I'm starting my tuition job next week! Whee~ Money money money! Hehe.. I really got to save up. Then I'll be meeting Kayvern for Sherlock Holmes tonight. I heard it's good. And I might be meeting Gerald after that for supper. It has been a long while since I met him. Till then!

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