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Sunday, June 20, 2010
Good Weekend
I had tuition yesterday and it was my first session with the sisters, Juliet and Cheryl. They are quite hardworking and very pleasant students. But their results fared between E8 to F9. Seems like I am going to have a hard time. But I hope to at least help them get a C5 or B3 if possible. Maybe even distinction. I got to start drilling them. And patience is the key! This month's pay was spent even before I got them. =(

I am super into coloured lenses now. EOS is superb. I am going to try NEO lenses. Can't wait for them to arrive the following week! Hehe!! My darling loves them to the maximum! He says the lenses give me a very animated and kawaii eyes! Kirei~ I'll be busy working next month! So many assignments.. =X

Back to topic, I met Bob at AMK hub. He was late when I told him not to! Luckily, I wasn't moody that night. We had dinner at S11 and bought lots of tibits from NTUC Extra. We watched She's Out Of My League at 9.45 pm. Then headed back after the show and washed up. We bathed 'together'. LOL. He took the outside bathroom while I took the inside bathroom. Both bathroom are side by side, divided by a wall. Haha!! Don't think dirty! We continued snacking while watching All About Steve. We went to sleep after that. So tired! Bob slept in Joel's room. He didn't sleep quite well as he's not used to the pillow. Wakaka! >.<

We woke up in the early afternoon and went to have lunch at RK Eating House. Had a round of dota after that. And wala~ It was already 6.30 pm. I kept persuading him to have dinner together but he didn't want to. My parents were home from Malacca by 7 pm. Bob and I wished my father Happy Father's Day. My father insisted that he stayed for dinner. Haha.. Bob had no choice but to agree. Dinner was sumptuous and filling! We had lobster and other 'zhi char' dishes! Bob took a bus home so he could rest on the bus. =DD

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Friday, June 18, 2010
New Passport
I woke up super early today to collect my new passport! I was slightly late for the appointment. 10 minuntes late. Zzz.. Bob was super early lah.. After collecting my passport at the ICA, we went to Cathay for lunch. Ervin managed to spot me there. I walked passed him and he was staring hard at us. Roftl.. Bob noticed but I didn't. So blur lah.. We chatted awhile before going our separate ways. We had Billy Bombers's honey stung chicken, cream spinach and oreo milkshake. *yummy yummy*

Dinner was at marche with James's gang. We were the first to arrive. Can you believe it??? Wahaha! We had chicken crepe, lychee lemonade and rosti with smoked salmon. I treated James a meal as a thanking gesture for introducing Kenneth (Bob's real name) to me. We cam whored alot! Vivian and her boyfriend, Sherman, had to leave first as they had a dance practice. We hanged around for a while. Then, we went to SCAPE to look for Vivian and Sherman, hoping to catch a glimpse of them dancing. But we were disappointed as the instructor were briefing them on the formation. The rest of us went to have desserts nearby. It wasn't fantastic at all. Bob sent me home and he missed the last train from Jurong East to Pioneer. =(( I appreciate his effort in this relationship.

Melanie back home from Hong Kong and bought lots of stuff. She got me my favourite tinkerbell necklace! That was more than enough for me. Thanks sister! =D Mum and dad left for Malacca for church encounter. Bob will be staying over tomorrow night. ^^

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Monday, June 07, 2010
KL Trip
KL trip with Selina, Gladys and Shauna was awesome! Everything went well except Bobby Man didn't turn up. Long story man.. And the budget hotel we stayed was full of cockroaches and bed bugs. No more Swiss Inn Hotel or any other Inn Hotels. Shopping was excellent! Whoo hoo~ Clubbing at Zouk wasn't as happening as Singapore and I forgotten to bring my contact lenses. Imagine me clubbing with my nerd spectacles. Wahahaha!!!

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