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Sunday, February 28, 2010
Bob Meets Sin How
Sin How and I managed to wake up and swim today!

We met Bob at AMK Hub and headed down to Kallang mac to study. Luckily there wasn't any tension between them. Haha.. It was quite a day today.

Sin How and I went to catch From Paris With Love. I think the show was excellent. The ending is sad though. But the while movie was in suspense and lots of action! =D

We had 'tau huei' a.k.a beancurd for supper.

Thinking of you till 11:51 PM

Grandma''s 88th!
Today is grandma's 88th birthday! Family gathering is important as it bonds everyone together. I spent most of my time today talking and staying by grandma's side. She is getting older by the day. It pains me to see her slowing fading. Therefore, I have visit her more often. Old people can get really lonely and helpless. I don't want grandma to feel this way.

My dad and grandma, 3rd aunt, Melissa, Mark, Denise and Alvin.



After dinner and cake cutting, Sin How came to pick me up and we decided to head for Timbre @ Substation. The Good Fellas were lousy today. We left after our drinks. Soup Spoon at Changi Airport was 24 hour in the transit. =(

So we had food at Ya Kun  and proceeded to the Aviation Gallery. We chatted till 4+ am before heading home. We still got to wake up early for swim tomorrow.

Thinking of you till 5:33 AM

Saturday, February 27, 2010
Studies With Mushroom
24th February, Wednesday: Today was a very slow and humid day. I had to drag myself to tuition. Sin How and I had dinner at BBQ Chicken in Tampines One. I went there once with Hui Ling (cell mate) before. Then we went to Giant to get some stuff. I was in a happy mood so I skipped round and round. LOL! We bought some VCDs too. Decided to go to SH's place to watch Universal Soldiers. And I intro B&J's Chubby Hubby to him! Hohoho! His 2nd bro joined us not long after the show started. I think this movie is crap. Heng I never watched it in the cinema.

25th February, Thursday: Bob and I talked for 2:37:45 last night. He didn't managed to get up on time for his morning classes. All my fault. =(

We met for lunch and went to meet James and gang at AMK library. Met some new faces today. One is called Amelia and the other is called Dixon. Today's study was quite alright since I had little time to study. I was on time for tuition today. Sin How asked me to study after tuition with his classmate, Priscilla. We went to Kallang Mac to study till 10.30 pm.

SH wanted to go on liquid diet as he's been putting on a little weight. So he sun bian cooked mushroom soup for me and Pris. We shopped at Cold Storage. It wasn't cheap man.. We went back to his place and waited for him to cook finish. The soup is damn delicious! I had 2 bowls man. SH, you better cook more soups for me. I love love love soups. Especially Cantonese soups. They are the best!! Thank you for the soup!

26th February, Friday: Today was pretty slow. Had work at Seafood International. My verdict of the people there: FUCKING RUDE. At least most of them are. Sibei attitude sia.. KNS. SH picked me up after work. We went to check the movie timings but none preferred. So we headed to Holland Village (been there 2 times only) and had beef hor fun! Then, we had ice cream at Cold Rock. As you can see, I can't do without ice cream. =p

SH talked some sense into me that night. About parents and family. It started me thinking deeply. We stayed awhile longer before heading home. Rocky wasn't doing well so I have to monitor him for a while. That naughty boy lah.. Anyhow eat when I let him free roam.

My baby Chacko.

Thinking of you till 2:39 AM

Tuesday, February 23, 2010
New Friends
I woke up early today and was planning to go to school early to study. But I was feeling lazy and stayed a while longer in bed. The I called Bob to confirm if he is going to school. Haha.. We somehow managed to hang up about half an hour later and prepare for school. Today I met 2 new friends call Hui Mieng and Joyce. They are damn fun people to be with! Lunch was in school today. I had to leave for tuition after that.

Got my pay today. Was lower than I expected. I better not be late anymore. Better make up tomorrow and on Thursday. =X

Thinking of you till 11:56 PM

Monday, February 22, 2010
Joel Is Off To Thailand
I met Bob on Sunday to go collect my ipod. Then we had lunch at Wisma! I wanted to eat the hokkien mee there! Hohoho! We walked and window shopped. It was pouring shit man.. So we went to Shaw House to check the movie timings. There wasn't any nice movie to watch so we went to find a seat to sit and talk instead.

We left Orchard about 7 pm and headed to Changi. The Aviation Gallery changed alot! Talked again.. Lol.. Then I had my 1st time.. At Popeyes! I find the chicken dry. Thus, I didn't have my 'Black Hole Worm' appetite. The buttermilk biscuit was kind of overrated for me. We chatted at the Aviation Gallery till it was time for him to go home. I went to send Joel off with family. We had a group hug and of course, I also gave him a big individual hug. I am definitely going to miss him!

I met Bob and James today and was introduced to Xiao Xuan a.k.a. Rachel. She is a super funny and great girl to be with. Like I'm really comfortable with her. Awesome! Lunch was at NP with them and I can never forget Xiao Xuan's orh e orh e orh~ LOLX! Will be studying tomorrow with them again.

Had supper with Sin How after class just now. We went to Old Airport Road and eat. Then drive to Geylang to see see. It has been years since I went there for eye opening. LOL. After that we just head home. =D

Thinking of you till 11:59 PM

Sunday, February 21, 2010
1st Meeting With Ben
Met Ben and his friends today. I brought my bestie, Selina, and Alvin along. It was kind of awkward. Haha.. We went to Harry's and proceeded to Timbre @ Substation. Ben's friends couldn't wait so they decided to leave for Clarke Quay. We managed to get a table pretty fast. Hehe.. We drank and listened to the music. It was great. Sin How came to join us during the 2nd set after having supper with Sharon and Jun Ping.



He sent Selina home and we went to the park behind my house and.. Before your imagination starts to run wild, we just went there and talked till late. Swing swing, enjoy the night and home sweet home.

Thinking of you till 5:34 AM

Saturday, February 20, 2010
Marche and Ratchada
Friday was a slow day. The weather wasn't sunny but it was windy at all. In other words, the weather was stuffy and humid. I hate this kind of weather. Sin How and I wanted to go swimming but it drizzled for a while. He had work matters to settle too so we just settled for dinner.

He came over at 4.50 pm. Very early today! But I wasn't ready yet so he sat around. We headed to Orchard and had Marche for dinner! It was 2 times Marche within a week! We had crepe with ham and sautee mushroom, swiss rosti with mushroom and chicken, salami pizza with mushroom, root beer and carrot juice with celery. he bill came up to $59++. Pretty expensive. Sin How said he'll treat me. I felt so bad man.. He already treated me on Valentine's day. And again today.



After dinner I went to work at club Ratchada. My partner today is Samantha! Yay! I like working with her. Time pass pretty fast. Talked to a few customers. I think this club is fresh. Something different and interesting. Zeta came over with the boss and managers. They were celebrating one of the bosses birthday. We joined them after work and I had 2 bottles of beer. Way to go! Zeta told me the company might bring in this brand although it is still understudy. I saw Raymond and said hi. e was one of the managers in charge of clubs. =D We talked abit. It was good to see him again. Samantha and I managed to catch the last train home. The night was fun. Had a ciggie before I went to bed.

Sin How went to JB for supper again. He was losing quite abit so I said next time at Marche will be my treat. =)

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

As we grow older, the world gets harder to comprehend. It is no longer pure and innocent as we once thought when we were young. We should just keep it simple. Simplicity is best. I love things that are plain and simple. Less is more. Get that?

Bob, stop por-ing my mum. You know she likes you!

Thinking of you till 5:19 AM

Tuesday, February 16, 2010
Chu San

I woke up feeling itchy today. So I gathered Selina, Bob, Mun Jun, MJ's cousin, Kenneth Lim, John and their friend to my house. MJ was the 1st to arrive. Then Bob. I went to meet him at the bus stop. And then Selina. Her dad drove her here. We played mahjong and ban lak. John's friend and MJ's cousin lost quite a bit. I won about $26 in total. Hehe..

Sin How is going to meet Alex Chong and Tan and the gang later. Let see if everything works out fine.

I'm going to see Selina tomorrow again. =)

Thinking of you till 11:55 PM

CNY At Sin How's Place

My relatives came over last night for dinner and bai nian. My little niece, Jayzle (not sure of the spelling), came earlier to play with us. Once again, she tire me out and wanted me to go home with her. The evening was alright. Played Blackjack a.k.a. ban lak with nieces and nephews.

After my relatives left my place, I made my way down to Selina's place. Then for the 1st time, I went to her house. Pretty cozy I must say. Sin How came to pick us up and off we go to his place! Alright, our time there was a little awkward. SH didn't manage to make his man tou because the yeast died. But I still managed to try the burger. The meat is good! I wanted to tabao but forgot to ask. =X

We left his place at about 3 am and SH, Selina, Brandon (SH's neighbour) and I went for supper at Limau. We chatted abit before heading home.

Today is chu san. And again, it's a hot and lazy afternoon.I'm opening my house for my friends later. Selina, Mun Jun, MJ's friend and Bob is coming down! Zhen Xiang couldn't make it. Oh well, kind of expected that. My time is almost up! Gonna play the waiting game now.

Oh yah.. Malacca trip is called off. SH going to Alex's house to bai nian. He'll be flying off the next day. So yeah.. It is understood.

Thinking of you till 4:47 PM

Monday, February 15, 2010
Happy Chinese New Year And Sweet Valentine!
Visiting was alright today like the usual. Grandma is really getting very old now. I felt so full and sleepy after lunch! Hehe.. I played tap tap on sis's itouch and never knew that it's so fun! Moreover, all the songs are by lady gaga! Whee~

I headed home after lunch and bathed. Sin How wanted to meet me at 5 pm but I was pretty tired. So I went to nap till 6 plus. I went to prepare and Sin How picked me up at 8 pm. We headed to Centrepoint as he wanted to get some things for the house party tomorrow. We also got a present for Sharon. It is a Winnie the Pooh container cum piggy bank with jellies inside. Sin How wanted to go to The Hamburger for dinner. Although I wasn't too keen, I agreed. Heng it was closed! Haha.. I know I know.. But I couldn't helped it. I wanted Marche and luckily, SH suggested going there. I had my rosti! And he ordered chicken crepe, mushroom soup and root beer. We shared the food and it was a fantastic dinner! I offered to go dutch as usual but he said this will be his treat. Thank you Sin How! *sincerely now*

Guess who I met after that? I saw my bestie, Selina! Okay, it was SH who spotted her first. So we chatted abit although I knew she was late for her date. Haha.. We took a few pics before going our separate ways. SH and I went ahead to meet Sharon, Jun Ping and Jun Ping's sis called Li Rong. We gave Sharon her present and all of us chilled at Starbucks for a while before catching True Legend.

The movie was full of action. I found it a little bit draggy. Just a tiny weeny bit. Bob was with his friends, Jeremiah and Joseph, at Wheelock Starbucks. Then they walked over to Cathay Starbucks. Bob and friends was waiting for me there since 1 am. So patient.. So I went over and say hi and talked abit. It's nice seeing Bob again. We chatted for about 10 mins before heading home. Then we talked till late again. SH was tired so he decided to make his man tou tomorrow.

Thinking of you till 4:02 AM

Sunday, February 14, 2010
Happy CNY!
Went swimming with Sin How yesterday. We had Soup Spoon! Then we went to meet Jun Ping. Sin How and I watched Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. Very nice show. Don't leave immediately! There's a short clip behind!

SH sent bro to Cathay today. Had supper with him, Jun Ping and Sharon at Jalan Kayu. Happy birthday Sharon!

Happy chinese new year people! And sweet Valentine! Good nights..

Thinking of you till 1:39 AM

Friday, February 12, 2010
Date At Manhatten
I cancelled tuition yesterday and told them I'll replaced it another day. I was late for my date with Alvin Terence. I spent too much time dolling up and did my hair. It was like the 1st time I did my hair and heavy eye make up. I'm glad it turned out well. Bob said it was alright. But I think it was great! Haha.. We had flaming prawns platter at manhatten fish market and it was like D BEST! I am so addicted to that now that I'll most probably eat that and only that when I'm in Manhatten Fish Market. My feet was hurting from all the blisters. I hate wearing new shoes! So we got a packet of plaster for my feet and mineral water for quenching our thirst. The movie, I Hate Valentine's Day, started screening at 9.40 pm. But we were slightly late as I was busy pasting the plaster. Movie was good although the storyline was kind of expected. Just before we headed home, we took a few pictures. =)

Thursday was the usual slow moving day. Mum picked me up after tuition and I waited 30 minutes for her as she had to pick Jo up. Jo was 'arguing' with me today. Was pretty upset. Plus I have been feeling pretty stressed lately. Like a rubber band that's going to SNAP! But oh well..

Grandma was pretty weak this time as compared to the previous visiting. She is getting senile. I should really visit her frequently since her health is deteriorating. Sin How asked me out for supper tonight. While waiting for him to come, er gu and san gu was talking to me. I really love them alot and of course, not missing out my grandma. I must be filial to them when I start bringing in the dough. Sin How brought me to Eunos collect my clothes. My my! So many!!! Gosh! I am like regretting buying so many 'winter' clothings. When spring comes, I'm sure I'm gonna spend again. Control CONTROL C.O.N.T.R.O.L.!!!

I told Bob I need to start pushing myself to study and pia for exams. I do want to study with Zhen Xiang too but I am not sure if he feels the same way. Push PUSH P.U.S.H.!
I hope to work hard towards the future. May it be relationship, studies, family or friends. May the Lord watch over me and guide me.

Thinking of you till 3:25 AM

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Went to Chinatown and Mustafa With Sin How on Monday. Bought lots of munchies! Back home super late. Our Malaysia strip might be canceled because of the safety issues there.

I hate it when things turn out ugly. Avoiding starts first. Then communication breaks down. Finally, out of your life. FML.

Will be out with Alvin Terence (introduced by Fahmy) tonight for dinner and probably movie. I hope it will turn out just fine.

By the way, Ben Russell is back! =)

Thinking of you till 1:47 PM

Monday, February 08, 2010
1st Meeting With Bob!
I had Macro classes in the morning. Then went to meet Bob. As usual, he was late. Although I was meeting him for the 1st time, I know he has the same bad habit as me- being late. First few moments were a little awkward as it was our first meeting. But we warmed up quickly and started talking. We had lunch at Cineleisure basement and then went to fix my ipod. Kiehl's was having a contest and giving out free cotton candy! I wanted to eat but was paiseh. Bob mentioned that he wants to eat too so I told him if he wants, he's going to take it, not me. After he took the cotton candy, he passed it to me and I slowly eat it. So yummy! Bob said he don't really eat this but took it for me. So sweet of him! We walked a bit and have to stop the temptation of shopping.

Then, we went for early dinner! Haha.. I know it's crazy. Dinner after lunch. After much discussion, Bob decided to catch 20th Century Boy III with me. The movie was alright. I switched off my silent mode when the credits were playing. After the credits, the story continued for another 15 mins or so. I didn't expect any test messages and suddenly, my sms tone beep. Da lang da lang~ da lang~ da lang da lang da lang da lang da lang~ da lang da lang~ OMG lah! So paiseh! Sin How texted me. So malu. Bob tried to control his laughter. Damn it.

Oh.. I found out Bob is Indian mix!

After the show, we went to sit outside Plaza Singapura and chatted till about 11pm before we headed home. Sleeping pretty soon after my shower. Am still tired from all the nights out. I'm glad we had an enjoyable day!

Thinking of you till 12:42 AM

Sunday, February 07, 2010
Blood Donation & Queensway!
Xiang Hao picked me up from school after CF lesson. We had lunch in my school as it was cheaper here. Bro pang seh again. He went to join his battalion at Sentosa. *pfft*

I didn't know that HSA was so packed on Saturdays! Average waiting time was 1 hour. Hao and I got the same place as the previous time. =) As usual, I was faster than him (my blood flows faster). After donation, we had some light refreshments. Hao wanted to go Queensway but I wanted to go home to take a bath. Sin How came to pick me up from HSA. He made himself home while I went to take a bath. I found out I lost my prefect badge! =((

My blood colour (left) and Hao's (right)..

We left home about 4 plus 5pm. Queensway was packed so we headed to Vivo City first. Muneerah, my ex colleague, left early. So Amir (assistant supervisor) helped me get my stuff. We walked around and happened to spot Alex Chong with his girlfriend. Heng he didn't see us. We had light food at Soup Spoon and Sin How saw his ex colleague. So we had free full meal. It was my 1st time there and I quite enjoyed Soup Spoon. We then drove down to Queensway and walked around. It was also my first time there.

When most of the shops are closed, we went to AMK Hub to meet his friends. The couple wanted to give us a treat for standing up yesterday. We had prata at Upper Thomson Road. Supper was good! I was really really tired. Slept almost immediately after my shower. Lesson tomorrow morning again.

Thinking of you till 12:36 AM

Saturday, February 06, 2010
My New Gadget
The rain was terrible this afternoon and I got pretty drenched! Nevertheless, I still went ahead and met bro at about 5.15 pm. I went to get the yummy chicken mushroom pie and we walked to Aldephi mall. We headed to Jaben Network and stayed in there for 3 hours! Finally after much testing, I still decided to get Denon AH D1001 and Joel decided to get Q-JAYS. Both of ours cost alot and Uncle Willie gave us a good discount plus a free W1 amplifier.

It was already dinner time when we were done. Jo accompanied me to The Cathay as I needed to buy 4 movie tickets for Edge Of Darkness. We had dinner at Long John's Silver located near MDIS. Sin How left early and joined us there. All of us sit around and talked abit. Jo headed home and Sin How and I went to put things back in his car. We went to shop abit and tried out the new egg tarts at KFC. It was quite good but I found it very oily.

There was still no news from his friends and he decided to call them. For some reason, they couldn't make it. I suggested to Sin How to ask the manager to extend the ticket deadline. Luckily, the lady was kind enough to give us 2 weeks to watch any movie, any time. Hehe.. So there we are, 2 persons again. We were the 1st to go into the cinema. So we whipped out my handphone and took some pictures. I was asking Sin How if the picture was okay and the Indian man behind us said, "yes, okay.". LOL! Sin How couldn't stop laughing. That man said that probably because I took 3 times and my flash was very bright. Haha..

Movie was good although there wasn't much action and plenty of conversation. Well, we headed back home after that as I have a long day tomorrow.

Thinking of you till 1:30 AM

Friday, February 05, 2010
Out With Brother!
TGIF! Now I do not have lessons on Friday so that means I can't see Zhen Xiang on Fridays. =(  We better start revising together, okay? Well, I am supposed to do some revision but Joel booked out yesterday. He asked me to accompany him to shop. Jo said I should study hard and not waste more money as mum's financially tight these days. Jun's loan wasn't approved and hence, mum had to find the money somehow. Plus, Jo said Uncle Say Lek wasn't too keen on lending us the money. Oh well.. We're going to get our headphones later but Jo is thinking twice about it. Oh man.. Lazy afternoon today. Kind of sleepy now.

I talked to Bob on the phone last night. He's like a speed truck. I had to 'huh?', 'again?', 'sorry?' quite a few times. We discussed about our meeting up on Sunday. Haha.. Bob, you better not be late!

I got to go prepare now. Better not be late meeting bro. Plus, tonight meeting Sin How and his friends for movie. I don't know if I can last till tomorrow. Classes in the morning, lunch with Xiang Hao and then blood donation with Jo and Hao. Geee~

Thinking of you till 1:48 PM

Thursday, February 04, 2010
Had tuition today as usual. I was pretty late today so I guess I have to make it up tomorrow. Sin How picked me up at the home and we went to Siglap to have Xin Wang HK Cafe. He wanted to use the voucher so we went there to eat. After dinner, I went to Century Square to collect my remaining 2 pairs of shoes! BOY!!! I was so excited. Retail therapy. LOL. We headed to tampines Ikea again to get some stuff. As usual, we had fun over there. Talked about our ex and babies! Haha.. Then we wanted to go to Mustafa but Sin How decided to change his mind as his energy battery was running low. So we just went to Kovan there to sit, had rojak and talked.

And no, Bob, we are not dating.

Thinking of you till 12:28 AM

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

海派甜心 had come to an end. I would highly recommend this show to anyone. It is a Taiwanese production which has a mixture of comedy and romance. This show is acted by Show Luo and Raine Yang. I watched the last episode with ZX before he made his way to school.

I had tuition today. And met Sin How again. For dinner. We went to tampines Courts to buy bedroom stuff. We also went to Ikea to get some furniture. It was fun at Ikea as we laughed and joked around. Talking about the furniture that we would like to get for our future homes. After making payment, I had ice cream and he had hot dog bun.

We headed to Sembawang as his office was located there. He moved his things over and he was perspiring lah.. I could tell the table was heavy but he rejected my offer to help. So I just sit and explore around. We checked that everything was working and in place. 

While on our way home, we decided to eat Chong Pang nasi lemak. It was pretty filling and I couldn't finish my rice. Sin How said the standard had already dropped as compared to the last time he came. After a filling supper, we headed back home and hit the sack.

Thinking of you till 1:53 AM

Monday, February 01, 2010
Zhen Xiang's Virgin Experience To Church!
I woke up super early today and found out that Jo and Mel are not attending church. So off I went to meet Zhen Xiang at Ang Mo Kio MRT at 9 am. ZX was early as usual. =/ We took a bus to Expo. His eyes were pretty bloodshot and I guessed it was because he didn't have ample sleep. We took the shuttle bus to Expo and attended service. It was ZX's virgin experience to church! He commented that it wasn't what he thought it would be, which I already knew. Worship was more like modern style instead of the quiet and solemn type. Hehe.. Service was quite alright.

We headed to Cine-leisure after service and bought 3 tickets to the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. We went to have lunch and I had 2 servings as I was really very hungry that afternoon. =X We went to meet Joel after lunch at City Hall MRT at 2.30 pm and we then proceeded to Jaben's Audio shop located at Aldephi shopping mall. I felt his service was excellent. One of his assistant didn't provide good service and I was pretty anal about it. After trying so many headphones, I decided to settle for Denon AH-D1001 for $209. I felt that this was the right choice for me. But I didn't get it just yet partly because bro hadn't found his suitable one. The other reason was that I had to consider it thoroughly too.

The movie was average to me but Joel like it! ZX dozed off during the early part of the show and could not catch what the movie was all about later on. After the movie, Jo and I shared 3 piece chicken meal at KFC. We saw our cousin, Gerry (Geraldine), over there with some of her 'poser' friends. Lol.. She was like the only most 'original' dressing person lah.. Off to home we go after dinner. I hope ZX enjoyed his time today.

*beep beep* Sin How messaged me. We decided to meet up and I requested him to drive me to a few places. Hehe.. First, we went to have porridge. Of course I didn't eat lah.. Then, I went to Hougang to collect my tank top and Havelock to pass up my timesheet. We talked and discussed on many issues. And we headed home after that. Home sweet home! I wanted to watch 海派甜心 with ZX as it was the last episode but he was already asleep. Tomorrow then! ^^ So, I chatted with Bob (James's friend), whose actual name is Kenneth, on MSN till late. Had fun during the session! =)

Thinking of you till 3:12 AM