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Saturday, January 17, 2009
Happy Chinese New Year!
Hello to all! It's 2009 now! How fast time flies.. 2008 was not a really very good year for me as I was neglecting my studies, skipping lectures, etc. Plus grandma passed away on 17 Aug which was my 1st driving practical test. And needless to say, I failed during the first attempt. My relationship with my baby Joven ended on 12 December (not long after his birthday 9 December). No one was really at fault or whatsoever. Just that my priorities change and he felt neglected. I feel that I don't really make a good girlfriend. Haiz.. My brother Joel also broke up with his girlfriend, Rebecca. Just a week before me. He say he couldn't commit long term with her. Oh well, Joven and I are still friends. Sit together during lectures and still talking. That goes the same for my brother. I just donated blood with Joven in school on the 14th. It was my 3rd time and Jov's 1st time. I always feel weak after donating blood. Haha..

Have been really clubbing hard too. And I made a promise that I will study hard for this year's exams because I am not confident at all. Haha.. My bro has entered army already.. On 9 January. I hope his skin condition will get better as it worsen on the first day in camp. He calls back almost everyday to update me and I also update him on what's going on currently. We always have fun catching up and bitching! Hehe..

Lately have been meeting online friends. Most are looking for sex or flings which I am so damn not interested in. But I have also met a few very nice guys like Xiang Hao, Li Zhi and Casper! I also got to know this rich guy (at least to me) called Alex. My friends ask me go for it just because he's rich. But why should I go after someone for money. I am not that desperate yet. I think most girls now usually go for looks or money or both. But I feel the heart and character still matters. Sounds 'lao tu' but it's essential for a lovely relationship. Anyway, I don't intend to get attached for another year or two. Need a break to find out what I really want. Or rather still enjoying single life. LOL.. Selina had been looking occupied lately. I'll ask her what's wrong the next time I see her again. She say Alex is not a nice guy coz he drives to recklessly and is always scolding vulgarities! Lol!

Oh, Joel is booking out on 24 January for reunion dinner. He ask me go clubbing after that. Haha.. Melanie doesn't want to join us. She always so anti one.. Zzz.. Oh, Ruby might be pregnant again. Finally. =) These are her 4 kids from the first litter.

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