underneath the stars
I'll wait for you darling.

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Friday, April 27, 2007
Dear God,
Why did you make humans imperfect? Is it through imperfection that they sought perfection? Or is it imperfection that binds God and man together? Why do people have to taste disappointment and despair? Some things that tumble your perfect world.. Then, is happiness everlasting or just a momentary feeling? Is there really true happiness in this ugly world? How about love and romance? Is it your arrangement or simply fate, Father? I thought I had them all but no.. Can people really control their destiny? If no, why not? And then, why is the human mind so complex? Can they ever fully comprehend? Why Lord, why? Can I ever understand myself, not to say my love ones? After so many sins that I had committed, is there still any chance that I will see you in heaven? Why is it possible for Jesus to suffer intolerable pain while I can't even take much..? There are so many things that I have to learn and stall in my memory and knowledge. Can I still be the innocent, naive child I once was?


Thinking of you till 7:14 PM