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Sunday, April 03, 2011
How I Got Crazy Over Nail Polish
I know I haven't been blogging for a very long time. It's Sunday and this post came randomly. Just to update, the Australia trip last December was awesome! I would want to go back there. It's pretty laidback as compared to Singapore. But gosh! Expenses are really high over there. As well as the pay of course. The weather was pretty chilly then.

And came 2011. It started with more bumps than flats. But with God's grace, it really became better as time passes. I'm tutoring everyday except Thursday and Sunday is K18 day with Sin How. Tutoring is easy but tutoring from the heart is not. It tests my patience, it frustrates me and yet, it brings me satisfaction. So far, it's keeping me occupied and forcing me to do some critical thinking instead of letting my head go rusty.

Bob and I past our 1 year of together-ness. We didn't make special cards or gifts. We had some good food and laughter. That's more than enough. I'm glad he came into my life. =)

OKAY! Now back to my nails! I wasn't a fan of polishes. I used to buy off the racks at Isetan. When I was in UOL, I started my 1st OPI Hot & Spicy, OPI top coat Yule Love this Silver. Can't remember what else I bought. Oh, My Private Jet! Until now I haven't used that yet. =/ At that time, I was too into it yet. Until last year around August, I so randomly stumbled upon Scrangie and found out about this brand called Color Club. I managed to get my hands on Color Club through a local spree. Then came Nfu Oh, China Glaze, Orly, Misa, Essie and more OPI. I started following Chloe's Nails and My Simple Little Pleasures. I learn about different types of polish finishes, how to do marbling and scotchtape manicures, and I started to fall deeply in love with nail polish and its wonders. So from 3 polishes, they increased rapidly to 200+ polishes. I love make up but am lazy to do. Nails will just do the same job subtly. So, I take alot of pride in doing my nails. I will be posting my collection up but it'll be a long one. Be prepared for it! Till then.

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