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Friday, July 16, 2010
Mel's Flying!
Bob bought me chicken rice for lunch today! Shortly after he reached, my mum came back. I wanted to stream some shows so I itchy hand go download some application so that I can access the shows. And you know what.. My internet explorer and firefox CRASHED! LOL. I kind of panic for a while. Luckily, Bob was around. He helped me solve the problem and we could finally access firefox. He didn't have enough time to fix IE as I had to go to work. But he'll fix it the next time he come over!

By the way, I'm not teaching Juliet and Cheryl. Now I'm teaching Chloris! Long term tuition kids are now hard to find. Haiz.. Hope Chloris is for long! Her E and A maths also quite cui sia.. Can tell she's lazy and her foundation is weak. But I believe if she works hard, she'll do well. Way to go!!!

Mel will be flying to Australia on Saturday! How time flies.. I hope she'll do well in her studies. And with that unlimited amount of freedom, I also hope she'll know her limits.

I bought so many contact lenses lately!! XD And my tongue still hurts these days. I guessed I played too much with the barbell. Haha! Bob and I will be bringing Jazel out this Sunday to watch Despicable Me! Heard it's a very good show. Here's a picture of this cute little girl from the last outing (Toy Story 3).

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