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Monday, September 27, 2010
I polished my nails and toenails with flakies for Celine's wedding on 25 September. I'm glad she was a happy bride. Vanessa and I was texting each other just now. I mentioned that I was upset that Celine didn't invited me to the dinner when she invited some of my closer cell members. I know she was thinking for us financially but I think it's just a courtesy that she should at least asked. Oh well.. I also found out that very few of the girls knew that Quan Wei was admitted to the hospital. Thank God he is fine and managed to complete the wedding ceremony. Well, I found out that he was admitted through Bob. I think it's more like only the guys knew. Yeah, but still.. Having to find that out through my boyfriend (when he's not in my cell) is like WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? Okay, I'm being like bitch Xia Xue now but I need to let it out! I FEEL NEGLECTED AND WHILE I AM TRYING TO GO BACK TO CHURCH, PLEASE TRY TO MAKE ME FEEL HOME AND WELCOME ME! KNS. Church is supposed to be a place where everyone treats everybody like brothers and sister. Of course there are some bad eggs around. I've personally come across a few. And you guessed it! They're no longer followers of Christ. And like what Celine said, a cell is a place where you are comfortable and you can grow with. BUT LATELY WHY AM I NOT FEELING THIS WAY?? Must be one of my PMS again. *sigh*

Back to my flakies, I got more flakies!!! So excited!!! I bought Nubar 2010, OPI Midnight In Moscow and Yes I Can Can. They are all so pretty! I ask Lloyd to get me my flakies and mascara in US. You can't find it here. Singapore, you should carry more pretty stuffs here! And I also ordered 3 nail polishes from Color Club. I've realized it's not cheap after accumulating the shipping and handling fee. Oh well, after learning how to do marble nails, I am so so tempted to buy more neon polishes from Color Club! I'll probably get a smaller bottle this time. But for now, I have to resist the temptation. I'm still waiting for my last month's pay cheque. They're taking pretty long this month. I will chase them tomorrow! Time for bed. Good night world. Some pretty flakies~

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