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Friday, September 10, 2010
6 Months Anniversary!
Today marks the day of our 6th month anniversary! 6 months have passed so fast! like in a blink of an eye. Kenneth (noticed no longer Bob) and I met early for breakfast at AMK Mac and we had big breakfast and hot cakes! *yummy hot cakes* The weather was cooling but a little rainy. We decided to proceed with our initial plan and headed for the zoo. We had lots of fun although I was quite picky on what animals I want to see. Hehe.. I hate snake and reptile and butterflies. So those zones were a nono for me. It was super crowded as today is Hari Raya Puasa, a public holiday. We went to see the Rainforest and Splash! animal shows! The seal reminds me of Cutie! So cute and intelligent!! We managed to cover almost every part of the zoo before heading back to AMK.

By the way, bus 138 from AMK interchange goes directly to the zoo. Jo says he will laugh if he sees a couple wearing couple tees. Wait till Rebecca makes him wears one. I'll laugh my ass off then. =P

We had an early dinner at Suki Sushi. Another nice and affordable meal! Bob (I'm still used to calling him that though) and I had a long ♥ to ♥ and truthful talk. Lol.. We headed back to my place and watch Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant. Love this show! Well baby.. After 6 months, I still want to say I really appreciate you, my sweetheart. And I love you to the bits! =) This is the card I made for him. A very simple one for a simple and sweet guy.

Result was horrible. Only had distinction for Maths 2 but failed the rest. Mum booked 2 air tickets to Australia for Joel and I. We will be joining Melanie in Perth for a week from 1st December. I'm still deciding between preschool and hairstyling. TCM is like a side interest for me. And you know what.. I cut my own hair as the 1st step! It turned out fine. *whew*

I can't wait for jie jie Lan to come back to Singapore so I can try out my new polishes! They're Nfu Oh flakies!!! Highly raved but not found locally! *so so excited* =D

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