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Sunday, May 30, 2010
My birthday!
Today is my birthday and Bob planned a very pleasant surprise for me. He told me to get ready by 4 pm. And *ding dong*! He came to my house at 3 pm! He bought me a sunflower and a packet of animal biscuit. He said: "Since we can't go to the zoo (as the weather was bad that morning), I'll bring the zoo to you." So sweet right??? Hehe.. We went to vivo city to catch Sex And The City 2. Oh man! We both just fell in love with Samantha Jones! She's a woman in her early 50s and she has a f-ing hot attitude! The show was great!

We rushed to sushi tei for dinner but the last order was already over. We settled for Modesto. The food there is very unique but it was worth the price. We chatted after dinner and managed to catch the last train home. When I reached home, there was a present on my bed for me! Bob actually passed it to Mel a few days back and asked her to place it on my bed. She was the last person I expected him to talk to! I am so happy! He got me a bottle of perfume(I kind of hint to him that before), Britney spears: Circus. It was wrapped in tinkerbell paper and came with a tinkerbell card! I love it!

He reminded me to go to the address at the back of the card. It was a private album he made for me on facebook. A story on our personalities, thoughts and how we ended up together. It was really very sweet of him. Overall, the day was excellent! Tomorrow will be friends' day!

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