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Saturday, March 13, 2010
Happy Days

I had Sin How's salted chicken for lunch. Somehow, I didn't find it salty enough. I love the chicken as it wasn't dry. It was juicy! *yummy* I think the problem either lies with my taste bud or it was a defective chicken. Haha.. I shall ask my parent's feed back. I want to try some more! SIN HOW, SALTED CHICKEN!!!

Bob and I met on bus 25 to Bedok interchange. Bob had a haircut! We had dinner there and ice cream at Mac before I had to leave for work. Time was short! =(

Happy Days wasn't a pleasant place to work. The supervisor is a meanie!!! *grrrr*

Random stuff: Customer entertained me. No offense to any religion.

M- Man                   O- Only
A- Always                R- Romance
R- Respect               O- On
L- Ladies                 B- Bed
B- Because               L- Ladies
O- Of                      R- Respect
R- Romance             A- All
O- Only                   M- Man

Beer is bad coz it makes one lose the conscious mind. But Jesus promote beer.

B- Bible Reading
E- Effective prayer
E- Evangelism
R- Repentance

Young: F- Father   Teen: F- Father   Adult: F- Father 
          A- And                  A- And                A- And
          M- Mother            M- Mother           M- Mother
           I- I                       I- I                      I- I
           L- Love                L- Like                L- Leave
           Y- You                  Y- You                Y- You

When you go overseas in food business, you need to take jabs to ensure your health and welfare. You will have 4 Gods protecting you.

J- Jesus
A- Allah
B- Buddha
S- Shiva

Thinking of you till 2:16 AM