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Thursday, March 04, 2010
I had Domino's pizza for dinner with Sin How today. He wanted Old Town and I spotted Domino's. He so wanted to eat that! Haha! We should be hanging less now since people have mistaken us for a couple. We are just very good friends. Sheesh. 

I had my favourite paru today! Introduced it to Bob and Sin How. =)

Chili crab last night was great too! Thanks mum for re-heating the crabs for me.

Have been studying with Bob, James, Amelia, Joycelyn, Xiao Xuan and Hui Meing. Today was pretty productive. Hope I can pass tomorrow's Statistics paper.

Have been really busy lately! Tired from the mugging. Hope weekends will have some free time to fill the missing blog entries. =DD

Thinking of you till 11:52 AM