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Monday, February 01, 2010
Zhen Xiang's Virgin Experience To Church!
I woke up super early today and found out that Jo and Mel are not attending church. So off I went to meet Zhen Xiang at Ang Mo Kio MRT at 9 am. ZX was early as usual. =/ We took a bus to Expo. His eyes were pretty bloodshot and I guessed it was because he didn't have ample sleep. We took the shuttle bus to Expo and attended service. It was ZX's virgin experience to church! He commented that it wasn't what he thought it would be, which I already knew. Worship was more like modern style instead of the quiet and solemn type. Hehe.. Service was quite alright.

We headed to Cine-leisure after service and bought 3 tickets to the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. We went to have lunch and I had 2 servings as I was really very hungry that afternoon. =X We went to meet Joel after lunch at City Hall MRT at 2.30 pm and we then proceeded to Jaben's Audio shop located at Aldephi shopping mall. I felt his service was excellent. One of his assistant didn't provide good service and I was pretty anal about it. After trying so many headphones, I decided to settle for Denon AH-D1001 for $209. I felt that this was the right choice for me. But I didn't get it just yet partly because bro hadn't found his suitable one. The other reason was that I had to consider it thoroughly too.

The movie was average to me but Joel like it! ZX dozed off during the early part of the show and could not catch what the movie was all about later on. After the movie, Jo and I shared 3 piece chicken meal at KFC. We saw our cousin, Gerry (Geraldine), over there with some of her 'poser' friends. Lol.. She was like the only most 'original' dressing person lah.. Off to home we go after dinner. I hope ZX enjoyed his time today.

*beep beep* Sin How messaged me. We decided to meet up and I requested him to drive me to a few places. Hehe.. First, we went to have porridge. Of course I didn't eat lah.. Then, I went to Hougang to collect my tank top and Havelock to pass up my timesheet. We talked and discussed on many issues. And we headed home after that. Home sweet home! I wanted to watch 海派甜心 with ZX as it was the last episode but he was already asleep. Tomorrow then! ^^ So, I chatted with Bob (James's friend), whose actual name is Kenneth, on MSN till late. Had fun during the session! =)

Thinking of you till 3:12 AM