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Saturday, February 27, 2010
Studies With Mushroom
24th February, Wednesday: Today was a very slow and humid day. I had to drag myself to tuition. Sin How and I had dinner at BBQ Chicken in Tampines One. I went there once with Hui Ling (cell mate) before. Then we went to Giant to get some stuff. I was in a happy mood so I skipped round and round. LOL! We bought some VCDs too. Decided to go to SH's place to watch Universal Soldiers. And I intro B&J's Chubby Hubby to him! Hohoho! His 2nd bro joined us not long after the show started. I think this movie is crap. Heng I never watched it in the cinema.

25th February, Thursday: Bob and I talked for 2:37:45 last night. He didn't managed to get up on time for his morning classes. All my fault. =(

We met for lunch and went to meet James and gang at AMK library. Met some new faces today. One is called Amelia and the other is called Dixon. Today's study was quite alright since I had little time to study. I was on time for tuition today. Sin How asked me to study after tuition with his classmate, Priscilla. We went to Kallang Mac to study till 10.30 pm.

SH wanted to go on liquid diet as he's been putting on a little weight. So he sun bian cooked mushroom soup for me and Pris. We shopped at Cold Storage. It wasn't cheap man.. We went back to his place and waited for him to cook finish. The soup is damn delicious! I had 2 bowls man. SH, you better cook more soups for me. I love love love soups. Especially Cantonese soups. They are the best!! Thank you for the soup!

26th February, Friday: Today was pretty slow. Had work at Seafood International. My verdict of the people there: FUCKING RUDE. At least most of them are. Sibei attitude sia.. KNS. SH picked me up after work. We went to check the movie timings but none preferred. So we headed to Holland Village (been there 2 times only) and had beef hor fun! Then, we had ice cream at Cold Rock. As you can see, I can't do without ice cream. =p

SH talked some sense into me that night. About parents and family. It started me thinking deeply. We stayed awhile longer before heading home. Rocky wasn't doing well so I have to monitor him for a while. That naughty boy lah.. Anyhow eat when I let him free roam.

My baby Chacko.

Thinking of you till 2:39 AM