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Friday, February 05, 2010
Out With Brother!
TGIF! Now I do not have lessons on Friday so that means I can't see Zhen Xiang on Fridays. =(  We better start revising together, okay? Well, I am supposed to do some revision but Joel booked out yesterday. He asked me to accompany him to shop. Jo said I should study hard and not waste more money as mum's financially tight these days. Jun's loan wasn't approved and hence, mum had to find the money somehow. Plus, Jo said Uncle Say Lek wasn't too keen on lending us the money. Oh well.. We're going to get our headphones later but Jo is thinking twice about it. Oh man.. Lazy afternoon today. Kind of sleepy now.

I talked to Bob on the phone last night. He's like a speed truck. I had to 'huh?', 'again?', 'sorry?' quite a few times. We discussed about our meeting up on Sunday. Haha.. Bob, you better not be late!

I got to go prepare now. Better not be late meeting bro. Plus, tonight meeting Sin How and his friends for movie. I don't know if I can last till tomorrow. Classes in the morning, lunch with Xiang Hao and then blood donation with Jo and Hao. Geee~

Thinking of you till 1:48 PM