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Saturday, February 06, 2010
My New Gadget
The rain was terrible this afternoon and I got pretty drenched! Nevertheless, I still went ahead and met bro at about 5.15 pm. I went to get the yummy chicken mushroom pie and we walked to Aldephi mall. We headed to Jaben Network and stayed in there for 3 hours! Finally after much testing, I still decided to get Denon AH D1001 and Joel decided to get Q-JAYS. Both of ours cost alot and Uncle Willie gave us a good discount plus a free W1 amplifier.

It was already dinner time when we were done. Jo accompanied me to The Cathay as I needed to buy 4 movie tickets for Edge Of Darkness. We had dinner at Long John's Silver located near MDIS. Sin How left early and joined us there. All of us sit around and talked abit. Jo headed home and Sin How and I went to put things back in his car. We went to shop abit and tried out the new egg tarts at KFC. It was quite good but I found it very oily.

There was still no news from his friends and he decided to call them. For some reason, they couldn't make it. I suggested to Sin How to ask the manager to extend the ticket deadline. Luckily, the lady was kind enough to give us 2 weeks to watch any movie, any time. Hehe.. So there we are, 2 persons again. We were the 1st to go into the cinema. So we whipped out my handphone and took some pictures. I was asking Sin How if the picture was okay and the Indian man behind us said, "yes, okay.". LOL! Sin How couldn't stop laughing. That man said that probably because I took 3 times and my flash was very bright. Haha..

Movie was good although there wasn't much action and plenty of conversation. Well, we headed back home after that as I have a long day tomorrow.

Thinking of you till 1:30 AM