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Monday, February 22, 2010
Joel Is Off To Thailand
I met Bob on Sunday to go collect my ipod. Then we had lunch at Wisma! I wanted to eat the hokkien mee there! Hohoho! We walked and window shopped. It was pouring shit man.. So we went to Shaw House to check the movie timings. There wasn't any nice movie to watch so we went to find a seat to sit and talk instead.

We left Orchard about 7 pm and headed to Changi. The Aviation Gallery changed alot! Talked again.. Lol.. Then I had my 1st time.. At Popeyes! I find the chicken dry. Thus, I didn't have my 'Black Hole Worm' appetite. The buttermilk biscuit was kind of overrated for me. We chatted at the Aviation Gallery till it was time for him to go home. I went to send Joel off with family. We had a group hug and of course, I also gave him a big individual hug. I am definitely going to miss him!

I met Bob and James today and was introduced to Xiao Xuan a.k.a. Rachel. She is a super funny and great girl to be with. Like I'm really comfortable with her. Awesome! Lunch was at NP with them and I can never forget Xiao Xuan's orh e orh e orh~ LOLX! Will be studying tomorrow with them again.

Had supper with Sin How after class just now. We went to Old Airport Road and eat. Then drive to Geylang to see see. It has been years since I went there for eye opening. LOL. After that we just head home. =D

Thinking of you till 11:59 PM