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Thursday, February 04, 2010
Had tuition today as usual. I was pretty late today so I guess I have to make it up tomorrow. Sin How picked me up at the home and we went to Siglap to have Xin Wang HK Cafe. He wanted to use the voucher so we went there to eat. After dinner, I went to Century Square to collect my remaining 2 pairs of shoes! BOY!!! I was so excited. Retail therapy. LOL. We headed to tampines Ikea again to get some stuff. As usual, we had fun over there. Talked about our ex and babies! Haha.. Then we wanted to go to Mustafa but Sin How decided to change his mind as his energy battery was running low. So we just went to Kovan there to sit, had rojak and talked.

And no, Bob, we are not dating.

Thinking of you till 12:28 AM