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Monday, February 15, 2010
Happy Chinese New Year And Sweet Valentine!
Visiting was alright today like the usual. Grandma is really getting very old now. I felt so full and sleepy after lunch! Hehe.. I played tap tap on sis's itouch and never knew that it's so fun! Moreover, all the songs are by lady gaga! Whee~

I headed home after lunch and bathed. Sin How wanted to meet me at 5 pm but I was pretty tired. So I went to nap till 6 plus. I went to prepare and Sin How picked me up at 8 pm. We headed to Centrepoint as he wanted to get some things for the house party tomorrow. We also got a present for Sharon. It is a Winnie the Pooh container cum piggy bank with jellies inside. Sin How wanted to go to The Hamburger for dinner. Although I wasn't too keen, I agreed. Heng it was closed! Haha.. I know I know.. But I couldn't helped it. I wanted Marche and luckily, SH suggested going there. I had my rosti! And he ordered chicken crepe, mushroom soup and root beer. We shared the food and it was a fantastic dinner! I offered to go dutch as usual but he said this will be his treat. Thank you Sin How! *sincerely now*

Guess who I met after that? I saw my bestie, Selina! Okay, it was SH who spotted her first. So we chatted abit although I knew she was late for her date. Haha.. We took a few pics before going our separate ways. SH and I went ahead to meet Sharon, Jun Ping and Jun Ping's sis called Li Rong. We gave Sharon her present and all of us chilled at Starbucks for a while before catching True Legend.

The movie was full of action. I found it a little bit draggy. Just a tiny weeny bit. Bob was with his friends, Jeremiah and Joseph, at Wheelock Starbucks. Then they walked over to Cathay Starbucks. Bob and friends was waiting for me there since 1 am. So patient.. So I went over and say hi and talked abit. It's nice seeing Bob again. We chatted for about 10 mins before heading home. Then we talked till late again. SH was tired so he decided to make his man tou tomorrow.

Thinking of you till 4:02 AM