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Sunday, February 28, 2010
Grandma''s 88th!
Today is grandma's 88th birthday! Family gathering is important as it bonds everyone together. I spent most of my time today talking and staying by grandma's side. She is getting older by the day. It pains me to see her slowing fading. Therefore, I have visit her more often. Old people can get really lonely and helpless. I don't want grandma to feel this way.

My dad and grandma, 3rd aunt, Melissa, Mark, Denise and Alvin.



After dinner and cake cutting, Sin How came to pick me up and we decided to head for Timbre @ Substation. The Good Fellas were lousy today. We left after our drinks. Soup Spoon at Changi Airport was 24 hour in the transit. =(

So we had food at Ya Kun  and proceeded to the Aviation Gallery. We chatted till 4+ am before heading home. We still got to wake up early for swim tomorrow.

Thinking of you till 5:33 AM