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Friday, February 12, 2010
Date At Manhatten
I cancelled tuition yesterday and told them I'll replaced it another day. I was late for my date with Alvin Terence. I spent too much time dolling up and did my hair. It was like the 1st time I did my hair and heavy eye make up. I'm glad it turned out well. Bob said it was alright. But I think it was great! Haha.. We had flaming prawns platter at manhatten fish market and it was like D BEST! I am so addicted to that now that I'll most probably eat that and only that when I'm in Manhatten Fish Market. My feet was hurting from all the blisters. I hate wearing new shoes! So we got a packet of plaster for my feet and mineral water for quenching our thirst. The movie, I Hate Valentine's Day, started screening at 9.40 pm. But we were slightly late as I was busy pasting the plaster. Movie was good although the storyline was kind of expected. Just before we headed home, we took a few pictures. =)

Thursday was the usual slow moving day. Mum picked me up after tuition and I waited 30 minutes for her as she had to pick Jo up. Jo was 'arguing' with me today. Was pretty upset. Plus I have been feeling pretty stressed lately. Like a rubber band that's going to SNAP! But oh well..

Grandma was pretty weak this time as compared to the previous visiting. She is getting senile. I should really visit her frequently since her health is deteriorating. Sin How asked me out for supper tonight. While waiting for him to come, er gu and san gu was talking to me. I really love them alot and of course, not missing out my grandma. I must be filial to them when I start bringing in the dough. Sin How brought me to Eunos collect my clothes. My my! So many!!! Gosh! I am like regretting buying so many 'winter' clothings. When spring comes, I'm sure I'm gonna spend again. Control CONTROL C.O.N.T.R.O.L.!!!

I told Bob I need to start pushing myself to study and pia for exams. I do want to study with Zhen Xiang too but I am not sure if he feels the same way. Push PUSH P.U.S.H.!
I hope to work hard towards the future. May it be relationship, studies, family or friends. May the Lord watch over me and guide me.

Thinking of you till 3:25 AM