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Tuesday, February 16, 2010
CNY At Sin How's Place

My relatives came over last night for dinner and bai nian. My little niece, Jayzle (not sure of the spelling), came earlier to play with us. Once again, she tire me out and wanted me to go home with her. The evening was alright. Played Blackjack a.k.a. ban lak with nieces and nephews.

After my relatives left my place, I made my way down to Selina's place. Then for the 1st time, I went to her house. Pretty cozy I must say. Sin How came to pick us up and off we go to his place! Alright, our time there was a little awkward. SH didn't manage to make his man tou because the yeast died. But I still managed to try the burger. The meat is good! I wanted to tabao but forgot to ask. =X

We left his place at about 3 am and SH, Selina, Brandon (SH's neighbour) and I went for supper at Limau. We chatted abit before heading home.

Today is chu san. And again, it's a hot and lazy afternoon.I'm opening my house for my friends later. Selina, Mun Jun, MJ's friend and Bob is coming down! Zhen Xiang couldn't make it. Oh well, kind of expected that. My time is almost up! Gonna play the waiting game now.

Oh yah.. Malacca trip is called off. SH going to Alex's house to bai nian. He'll be flying off the next day. So yeah.. It is understood.

Thinking of you till 4:47 PM