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Sunday, February 07, 2010
Blood Donation & Queensway!
Xiang Hao picked me up from school after CF lesson. We had lunch in my school as it was cheaper here. Bro pang seh again. He went to join his battalion at Sentosa. *pfft*

I didn't know that HSA was so packed on Saturdays! Average waiting time was 1 hour. Hao and I got the same place as the previous time. =) As usual, I was faster than him (my blood flows faster). After donation, we had some light refreshments. Hao wanted to go Queensway but I wanted to go home to take a bath. Sin How came to pick me up from HSA. He made himself home while I went to take a bath. I found out I lost my prefect badge! =((

My blood colour (left) and Hao's (right)..

We left home about 4 plus 5pm. Queensway was packed so we headed to Vivo City first. Muneerah, my ex colleague, left early. So Amir (assistant supervisor) helped me get my stuff. We walked around and happened to spot Alex Chong with his girlfriend. Heng he didn't see us. We had light food at Soup Spoon and Sin How saw his ex colleague. So we had free full meal. It was my 1st time there and I quite enjoyed Soup Spoon. We then drove down to Queensway and walked around. It was also my first time there.

When most of the shops are closed, we went to AMK Hub to meet his friends. The couple wanted to give us a treat for standing up yesterday. We had prata at Upper Thomson Road. Supper was good! I was really really tired. Slept almost immediately after my shower. Lesson tomorrow morning again.

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