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Saturday, February 20, 2010
Marche and Ratchada
Friday was a slow day. The weather wasn't sunny but it was windy at all. In other words, the weather was stuffy and humid. I hate this kind of weather. Sin How and I wanted to go swimming but it drizzled for a while. He had work matters to settle too so we just settled for dinner.

He came over at 4.50 pm. Very early today! But I wasn't ready yet so he sat around. We headed to Orchard and had Marche for dinner! It was 2 times Marche within a week! We had crepe with ham and sautee mushroom, swiss rosti with mushroom and chicken, salami pizza with mushroom, root beer and carrot juice with celery. he bill came up to $59++. Pretty expensive. Sin How said he'll treat me. I felt so bad man.. He already treated me on Valentine's day. And again today.



After dinner I went to work at club Ratchada. My partner today is Samantha! Yay! I like working with her. Time pass pretty fast. Talked to a few customers. I think this club is fresh. Something different and interesting. Zeta came over with the boss and managers. They were celebrating one of the bosses birthday. We joined them after work and I had 2 bottles of beer. Way to go! Zeta told me the company might bring in this brand although it is still understudy. I saw Raymond and said hi. e was one of the managers in charge of clubs. =D We talked abit. It was good to see him again. Samantha and I managed to catch the last train home. The night was fun. Had a ciggie before I went to bed.

Sin How went to JB for supper again. He was losing quite abit so I said next time at Marche will be my treat. =)

Thinking of you till 3:16 AM