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Monday, February 08, 2010
1st Meeting With Bob!
I had Macro classes in the morning. Then went to meet Bob. As usual, he was late. Although I was meeting him for the 1st time, I know he has the same bad habit as me- being late. First few moments were a little awkward as it was our first meeting. But we warmed up quickly and started talking. We had lunch at Cineleisure basement and then went to fix my ipod. Kiehl's was having a contest and giving out free cotton candy! I wanted to eat but was paiseh. Bob mentioned that he wants to eat too so I told him if he wants, he's going to take it, not me. After he took the cotton candy, he passed it to me and I slowly eat it. So yummy! Bob said he don't really eat this but took it for me. So sweet of him! We walked a bit and have to stop the temptation of shopping.

Then, we went for early dinner! Haha.. I know it's crazy. Dinner after lunch. After much discussion, Bob decided to catch 20th Century Boy III with me. The movie was alright. I switched off my silent mode when the credits were playing. After the credits, the story continued for another 15 mins or so. I didn't expect any test messages and suddenly, my sms tone beep. Da lang da lang~ da lang~ da lang da lang da lang da lang da lang~ da lang da lang~ OMG lah! So paiseh! Sin How texted me. So malu. Bob tried to control his laughter. Damn it.

Oh.. I found out Bob is Indian mix!

After the show, we went to sit outside Plaza Singapura and chatted till about 11pm before we headed home. Sleeping pretty soon after my shower. Am still tired from all the nights out. I'm glad we had an enjoyable day!

Thinking of you till 12:42 AM