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Friday, January 08, 2010
The Vampire's Assistant
Today wasn't the typical Friday for me. I was kind of rushing due to lack of time. I was supposed to visit my sister but she already got discharged this morning. Hope she feeling better now. Drink more water, Jun! So, I skipped the visit and went for lunch with Kayvern at the market place. I wanted to eat mee tai mak but uncle close liao!! So we settled lunch with kway chap! Kayvern, as usual, ordered so much food!!! But we somehow managed to finish it all. Haha.. He drove me to Havelock Road to collect the uniform from Zeta. She wasn't feeling well, thus she was resting at home. Get well soon, Zeta! After collecting my uniform, Kayvern sent me to school.

P.S. Thanks Kayvern for the herbal tea and all that late night supper! And for bringing me home in one piece!

During break, I went to meet Zhen Xiang as his class was just beside mine. I passed him his birthday card and he liked the drawing. But the inside wasn't up to my expection. Probably because I was rushing and my pen couldn't come out right! Grrr... =( I hope you like the card! We both know why the cover is a pink panther. *wink winks* And yes, I'll definitely study with you. We should start real soon. Exams will be here fast! I read your blog coz it's interesting. I only read your blog as of now. Be honoured. Haha.. =D

We headed to AMK hub after lesson. The bus (74) was freezing cold that day! *brrrr* After much walking and thinking, we decided to eat sushi for dinner. I gave Zhen Xiang a dinner treat at Suki Sushi and a movie treat. We watched Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant. I think it's a great movie! I went home to google the novel and realised that it's 4 book series and a triology each. Meaning there are 12 different stories/ chapters! I hope the 2nd part of the movie will be as great as the first. The movie lasted for 109 mins. We both headed hme after the show and had an early night.

I have morning class tomorrow and work in the evening! Gonna be a long day.. And oh, congratulations to Ray for finding a girlfriend. So so unlike him. I hope he's a changed man. =X

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