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Wednesday, January 27, 2010
Surprise Me, Surprise You
Dinner yesterday with Sin How was quite a good one. We talked quite a lot and he shared many things with me. I stuttered a few times as I kept thinking before I speak. I was afraid to offend him hence 'the think before you speak' was knocking inside my head. Haha.. I can be really blunt at times and have offended people before. So I'm trying to practise this habit of 'think before you speak'. Even Jo says I should cultivate this habit. LOL. After dinner, we sat for a while more before showing Sin How to my place. He said that our design was simple and nice. And he said my house is very cosy! It was like the 1st time a friend actually likes my house and my room. Probably because yesterday was windy. Not the usual Michelle's stuffy room. Hehe..

At about 10.10 pm, we headed to Yassin to meet Alex Chong. My whole time there was awkward but Sin How was polite enough to apologise to me. So courteous right? *bleah* We stayed till about 11.40 pm before heading back home.

Tuesday was the usual. But today I tried a whole new look. I'm glad it didn't turn out bad. Haha.. I kept worrying coz many people keep looking at me. >.< I went to meet Kayvern after class. Sin How decided to join us too. Mum said I shouldn't bring 2 random guys out on a date with me. I'll take note of that, mum! But I thought no harm making more friends.. =/

Kayvern actually surprised me with tiramisu made by him and a mini bouquet of flowers (lily). That even made me felt more bad. I'm sorry Kayvern but I really treat you as my friend. We went for dinner and Sin How joined us after that. We went to watch Tooth Fairy. It was fucking funny lah! Haha.. We were laughing our heads off. After movie end, we went to the prata at YCK Road there for supper. Sin How drove me home. I had a late night AGAIN! Was playing with James and Bob and we won! MUAHAHA.. Like finally.

Thinking of you till 2:11 AM