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Sunday, January 24, 2010
Well well.. After the emo period was over, I felt much better! Almost in excellent condition! I had a very very good dinner on Thursday with auntie Irene, mum, dad and sis. We had Japanese food at Sushi Tei! Jun and Gloria was supposed to hang out after dinner so she came over to meet Mel first. Then dad told her to join  us but she didn't want to. So, dad insisted. And she finally gave in. Dinner was very 'ri nao'. We headed home after that and sis went out with Gloria.


Classes are as usual on Friday. Zhen Xiang  and I went for lunch and dinner together. Then we decided to catch The Spy Next Door. I chose a happy movie because I want to brighten up my night. Zhen Xiang didn't mind accompanying me. Thank you alot! You've been supporting me all this while although I still think you ARE stubborn! Haha.. The show was really a good choice. Very funny and heartwarming show. Thanks Jonathan (my cousin in Kuching) for the recommendation!

Well, I had corporate finance lesson this morning as usual. Then, mum drove me home and I slept after lunch. Jo's room is still the best! So cooling! My room was like the most humid of all the rooms. *sad* I cleaned my rabbit cage before I bathed and prepared to go out for dinner. I treated my family to Mellben Seafood. But when we got there, everything screwed up. The magazine put Mellben but the number was Uncle Leong's Seafood. So, the place I reserved was actually Uncle Leong's. And I found out that the bosess of Mellben and Uncle Leong's are actually brothers. Perhaps they mix up the signboard name. =(

After much discussion, I reluctantly settled for Uncle Leong's. We ordered tofu, sweet sour pork, creamy butter crab, salted egg yolk prawns, broccoli with garlic and oyster sauce and white rice. Luckily, dinner was delicious thus I didn't complain much about not having dinner at Mellben. The bill came up to $119.10 which was quite reasonable. We fetched Mel to Gloria's house as they were going to celebrate together. I went home to prepare for clubbing. Selina decided to join her new group of friends at St. James. Supposedly, only Joo, Chian, Hann Bin and I were going. In the end, Angela, Tze Siew, Leo, Marcus, Lloyd and Bran came to join us! Happening sia!! We had a really fun time. I think I really rusty liao.. Dance also tiring. Haha.. Jo say I dance like guy lah.. What the strawberries.. It was a fun night! Off to bed.



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