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Sunday, January 17, 2010
New Hair Style!
Today was a special Sunday. I woke up super early for church, bathe, make up and went to get breakfast for sis and dad before heading to church with Jun. I didn't sleep in church today! Although I was only paying half attention. I was supposed to meet Bobby but he overslept! BOOO! So after church, I went to meet Joven and he brought me to his cousin's place to see the chinchilla. Then we talked abit.

After viewing was done, I went to pay my didi Corey a visit but he was still sleeping! So auntie helped me trim, dye and bleach my hair. The colour came out super bright and didi was also shocked to see the new colour. LOL.. Auntie and I didn't expect my hair to 'eat' so much bleach. Had we known, we would have choosen a lighter colour for the dye base. But I kind of like it. Embrace new changes in 2010! Love more, play less, work hard, sleep early, eat healthy, blah blah blah..

I went to meet Joel for Daybreakers and on the way to my destination, I gave up this seat for an old uncle and people was staring at me. I don't know what the fuck are they looking at. Is it my hair, me giving up seat or cannot believe ah lian got kind heart? Haha.. Sadly, there were 4 old people and only I gave my seat up. People should be more compassionate and practise this 'shi li'. Enough said. Guess what.. I was early! So I waited 20 mins for Jo. He said to keep up my punctuality. I am trying to!! It takes alot of effort to kick this 'coming late' bad habit which followed me since I was little. We headed to BK for dinner. Daybreakers wass an awesome movie but the last 8 mins + totally killed everything. Jo said the movie was shit. He also mentioned that a bad ending make a bad movie. Oh well.. We'll be catching more shows in time to come!

Jun fetched us from Serangoon MRT and we kind of argued coz I wanted to head somewhere else and she wanted to use the car. Oh well, I just gave in. So she fetched me home and bro to camp. I will try to be a better sister, bro and sis!

Thinking of you till 11:10 PM