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Sunday, January 10, 2010
Long Beach (Dempsey)
Today is a long long day for me. I woke up early for Corporate Finance and I wasn't feeling too well. Mum went to pick me up from school. I went home, had lunch, cleaned the rabbits' cages. After cleaning, I decided to sell Ruby and the babies as they are seriously giving me too much work. So I'm just keeping Chacko and Rocky. Mum and dad fetched me to my work place today. They still disapprove of me holding this job. Sheesh! Working there was quite pleasant. Today's partner is Alyssa. She's also a new girl and it was my first time working with her. We had a glass a young coconut juice each as knock off time was nearing. It was fresh and yummy! Hehe.. My parents picked me up and we headed home! It was really a tiring day as I didn't have my usual afternoon nap! Got to sleep now.. Having Corporate Finance class tomorrow morning. YES, on a Sunday morning! =(

Thinking of you till 12:43 AM