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Thursday, January 21, 2010
It's Complicated
I met Kai Wen on Tuesday for dinner! And met some of his friends. We had dinner at Everything With Fries and it came up to $17+ per person! We had fun talking and I made some new friends. The food there was good though the selection was limited. I had breaded salmon and egg soup!

Joven's attached! Although our relationship was long gone, feelings still linger. Well, Ben says I need not feel happy for him but I still wish him all the best! Wen Yang told me to play the UFO catcher whenever I pass an arcade. The day I caught one will be the day I move on and replace the green beanie Jov gave. I know Wen Yang was just trying and console me but it helps! =D

It's complicated. That is what alot of people would say about their relationships now. Sometimes, I don't understand why but I think I know now. It is us people who makes things complicated when things are actually very simple. It is either yes or no, will or will not. Why isn't the world simple enough to comprehend?

Right now, I'm just waiting. Waiting for God, waiting for the right one. We are all humans, we are sinners, we have our needs, but.. Whether we want to live righteously or not is up to us. I want to and I shouldn't keep finding excuses not to. =/

There are many potentials out there and some of them are really, really nice people. But taking the 1st step towards God is a big one. I must not let myself fall into the vicious cycle anymore. I want to get out of it. People ask why are you Christians so strict. They don't understand why we place God so importantly. Living in a family with 2 religions will create problems. That will be my next blog. Stay tune~

Alright, I shall continue my 'It's Complicated' thing. Ervin told me he doesn't understand why girls these days just want casual relationships, with no strings attached. Well.. I think we live in a material world. We just want company, short term security without getting ourselves involved. That's why. It seems alright to have such relationships. BUT it is not. It is morally wrong. Really. That's what I think. We girls should learn to protect ourselves. Not succumb to the worldly treasures. Bible says that our treasures are in heaven. It is true because when we pass on, that's where we'll be going. Or at least, that's where I want to go.. Oh well, it's complicated. ;)

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