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Wednesday, January 06, 2010
Happy Birthday Zhen Xiang!
Everyday has been the same routine that's why I didn't blog much..

I met Kayvern on Saturday and we smuggled our BK dinner inside the cinema while watching Sherlock Holmes. Hehehe.. It's a great movie!! After the movie, Kayv went ahead to give me my present. The 1st one was pretty small. So I opened it up and it was a tweezer inside! He purposely gave me that to chee siao me lor.. I saw it and gave him the 'dot dot dot' face. LOL! Next present was something I really really like alot. It's a mini figurine for me made by him. So lovely! And I happened to wear the same colour top as the miniature! He also made 2 cards for me. For the epilator, I went home to open. Thanks Kayv!

I skipped church on Sunday again. That's really bad. I really have to go back to church. Stayed at home for the whole of Sunday. Eh, not really. Haha.. Kayv drove me to Zeta's place to pass my timesheet. Then, we went to Suntec to pick his mum and sis and to Eunos to pick his 'sao zi' before fetching me home. My cousins, Jie Jie Lan (Jean) and Uncle Sey Lek were already at my place before I left the house. It was Jie Jie Lan's birthday so Uncle Sey Lek treated us dinner at Sushi Tei and YAY, the old chocolate wafer came back! But they changed the wafer. I didn't bother because the contents were more important! YUMMY YUMMY! We had supper at Chomp Chomp after that and sister treated. =D

Monday was boring.. Tuesday was another boring day. Jun didn't tell us that she has been vomitting for the past 5 days. She was finally sent to the clinic to do a thorough check up. She took blood tests and the result will only be out today. Devan (her ex) facebooked me and I found out that my sister actually dumped him, not the other way round. And it was because of Gloria. Again. I find that she's like invading into my sister's life. Even Joel feels so. Moreover, Jun is going to Australia to study with her soon. Gosh! I mean, studying is good. But Gloria influenced her to go over. This year will be a lonely year for me. With Jo in camp and Jun overseas.. =(( At least I still get to see Joel. But Jun.. Just when our relationship was getting better, she has to leave. Oh well, see what God plans for us then. I just hope we will all keep in touch and continue the bonding.

I met Brett for lunch and we cab to school together. Then we met for dinner too and he sent me home. And boy! Journey with him was tiring. He was full of crap! Like only to me? Nene seh.. Keep disturbing me. But having this kind of friend can brighten up my day. Thank you Brett!

Today is Wednesday! Happy birthday Zhen Xiang! Sheesh, he's already 26! HAHA!! *bleah* He's going to celebrate with his friends today. I'll celebrate with him on Friday instead. Well, I hope your start of this year will be a blast! I'm going to Pertapis Women's Home for tuition later. Hope I can have more assignments. Heee... Got to drink more water or else I'll have a sore throat. Have been eating chocolates and chips alot! I will be meeting DK (Daryl Kang) after tuition for dinner. Stay tune!

N.B. I tried the epilator Kayv gave. It fucking hurts but at least, I'm pretty much hairless now. LOL!

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