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Monday, January 25, 2010
Happy Birthday Gerry!
WOW! I had a slight hangover and a bad neck ache since I haven't been clubbing for 3 months plus. Sunday was a tiring one. I woke up at about 12, had lunch, played 1 game and then went back to sleep again. Haha.. I was supposed to go out with Jo to get headphones but we were just too tired. Oh well.. I got up, bathed and went for my cousin, Gerry's (Geraldine), 21st birthday. The food was quite bland. Thus, dinner wasn't that all fantastic. But hey, it was her treat. =)

I found out that she and her bf were no longer together. It was kind of 3rd party thingy and I could tell that she was hurt pretty badly since Izat was her 1st boyfriend. I remembered the 1st time I met him. I didn't think they would last. I felt that he wasn't the right one for her but of course I didn't say. They actually planned when and how their wedding would be. Well, shit happens. So I just consoled her and advise her. My other cousin, Jasmine, patched with her ex-boyfriend. Well, I can say he didn't give me a good impression. They wouldn't last too. Trust me. My dad say I have good judgment. But when I am in the person's shoes, I kinda lose most of my rationality and it is not a good thing.

Back to the topic.. Love these days are overrated. People don't really know what real or true love is. I don't want to start my philosophy here. But I do hope that I will find the right one for me in time to come. I believe there's one for everyone. God planned out lives and I believe His plans never shortchange us. Sin How told me this: "Relationship is a burden. Breaking up is a relief. And marriage is a suicide." What are your views? Write them on my tagboard if you have some opinions. =)

Sin How, I'm looking for to our day trip to Malaysia. Lol.. I'll be meeting him tonight for dinner. He's actually Alex Chong's and Tan's friend. Why am I recontacting back with so many people.. Pfft.

Thinking of you till 2:55 PM