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Thursday, January 14, 2010
Cooking Time!
I was sick on Monday till today. I'm down with flu and cough. As usual, dad is nagging about me and reminding me to take medicine which I always do when I'm ill. I realized that SIM had introduced this tapping of card to mark attendence policy and it sucks! Big time. Oh well, we also have to tap like when class starts and not during break coz that would mean late or absent. Grace period is only an hour which I think it is quite acceptable. I skipped lesson and cancelled tuition on Monday so that I could rest at home.

But you know what.. I ended up cooking dinner in the end. Haha.. I had the sudden mood to cook so I googled, went out to buy the ingredients and prepared cooking. I took about 2+ hours to finish. Making the cheese sauce was tough work. I added milk, lots of parmesan ans romano cheese, honey baked ham (sliced), mushroom (sliced and fried), garlic (baked for 45 mins and mashed), potato (boiled and diced) and stirring non-stop till my hands ache! Bratwurst (german sausage) was boiled in Tiger beer and chopped onion then toasted. I didn't know how to see whether it's cooked so I boiled a little longer. It turned out abit dry. Well, I ensure it'll be juicy next time. Hehe..

Soup of the day was clam chowder with milk! Zhen Xiang came over to tried my cooking. He said next day no lesson so he didn't mind. At first, I didn't knowwhat he meant but after that, I do! Mean lah.. Dinner was filling and Jun didn't finish her portion. ZX helped me do the dishes while I prepared fruits even though he can cut better than me. Haha.. After dinner we talked abit, played with Rocky and Chacko before he headed home. What a tiring day!

Ms Clare cancelled Macro on Tuesday as she was unwell. I had leftover soup for lunch and dinner. Haha.. Mixed with the ingredients and pasta of course. Good for me as I rested at home.

Mum was back on Wednesday and she tabao-ed lunch for me! I went for tuition in the late afternoon and gave my students Ferrero Rocher. This is a pleasant bunch of girls. I walked to Kovan Heartland Mall to buy Edo sushi for dinner which costed me $11.10. Then I took a cab back as the bus will take 18 mins to arrive! So long!! They should speed up the time for bus 136. Moreover, it was peak hour! I got home, ate, bathe, play a match of dota and headed for bed. So tired.

I'm having tuition today and still don't know what to have for lunch I'll be meeting ZX for dinner and we should be having yu pian mee fen tang (slice fish mee soup). Update soon!

Thinking of you till 11:50 AM