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Wednesday, December 23, 2009
Starts Well, End Bad
Hi peeps! I managed to meet Alex Tan, my PEZ fling, on Sunday late night! We went to back to his place and watched Skeleton Key. I ton over and we talked the whole night. Till 6 am! And of course, I gave him all my Pez sweets. I had to top them up today. Haha.. He sent me home in his dad's Aston Martin. It was a very rare ride for me but it was an experience. He was tired and so was I as we didn't have enough sleep that night.

Monday was alright for me. I had work at night and Andrew, the bartender I got to know at Duxom Blue, stood me up. It was the 2nd time someone stood me up in a week. *PISSED* I didn't want to call Kayvern because it feels like I'm treating him as a driver. So, I decided to meet Brett after work for pool with his JC friends. We left quit late and dad called and complained. Then Brett accompany me for supper and walked me home. We had a long chat.. Everything was fine.

I was tired today and skipped the 1st half of the class. Then, I met Alex for lunch and he drove his mum's BMW 6 series. It was a very smooth journey! We went somehere near my school for lunch (Xin Wang HK Cafe) and he sent me to school. He tried to drive like Alex Chong and I was so scared! He's bad lah.. Purposely make me scared and he still find it amusing! -.- Alex said that I am too trusting and told me to read a book titled 'Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man'. It's a book on love, relationships, how man behave and operate and many more. It's pretty interesting and I'm addicted to it! I think I can only return it to him when he's back from his next holiday..

Well well.. After macroecons class today, I went to meet Ming Teck to sign up for monthly donation for Cancer patients. Then I met Zhen Xiang for dinner. We actually went to get my new handphone, Sony Ericsson W995, $248 after $100 voucher. We waited quite long but I was really very happy and excited about getting a new phone! Hehe.. We had Subway for dinner! Then, we went to search for my screen protector and price for my old faulty phone. After that, I went to shop at NTUC and bought some stuff plus my favourite Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby! There was a promotion and I got a B&J Cake Batter for free. Yay! Zhen Xiang helped me carry my stuff to dad's car and he went home after that.

Then, the terrible part came. My parents and I had a fucking long talk. They want me to quit my job and study harder. I shall skipped the details. My day ended bad today.  I'm turning in now. It's pretty late already. Freaking shit. ARGH!

P.S. Brett just reminded me happiness is a state of mind. =D Thanks dear.

Thinking of you till 2:52 AM