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Wednesday, December 30, 2009
Sarawak Trip
Hey guys! I haven't been blogging for a while as I was away for a short trip to Kuching in Sarawak, a.k.a. Cat City, with my family excluding my brother. So, this is going to be a long long entry. Haha..

25th December: We left on christmas day, 25th December! We were quite on time on that day but dad was rushing us as usual. It was the first time I sat on a budget airplane. Before I left, Zhen Xiang and Kayvern accompanied me on the phone. I bet they're gonna miss me while I'm away. Lol!

I reached Sarawak at about 4++ pm and was greeted by my cousins (auntie Winne and Lisa, Uncle William and Francis), nieces (Janice and Nelly) and nephew (Jonathan) from Sarawak. arrive at the hotel, Grand Margherita, at about 5 pm. The hotel was quite well decorated. There was a small christmas decoration at the hotel lobby. It was made of real food and biscuits! It reminded me of Hansel and Gretel and The Gingerbread Man! Hehe..

We checked in and went to a restaurant for dinner with all my cousins! We occupied 4 tables! Can you imagine that my extended family is so big?? We had a local veggie called Midin. It's damn delicious lah! But I found out that they are grown along swamps and long kang (drain). Nonetheless, I enjoyed it. There was also durian puff but this is not the same as Singapore's. It's very delicious too! I had 2 bowl of rice. After dinner, we headed back to the hotel while mum and dad went to visit Auntie Jacky as she is sick with cancer. I watched Stardust (watched it on the 19th with Xiang Hao) again with my nephew, Yuan Shun.

Left is Nelly and right is Sylvia. Sylvia is a hairstylist!

26th December: We got up very early for breakfast! Breakfast was yummy! Most of them had cereals and rice/ noodles. I'm quite westernized so I had eggs, milk, sausages, beef, tomatoes, bread, etc. HAHA! I had a very filling breakfast.

Then, we proceeded to visit the Long House with Auntie Winnie, Nelly and Janice. Chickens are on the loose! They are allowed to roam freely and I bet the meat is very juicy! However, the hygiene there was terrible. Houseflies are all over. I can see blood (I believes it's chicken's blood) on the wooden floor. There are intestines, liver, etc although I'm not sure they belong to what animals. I believe it's pork but malays don't take pork. So I'm not sure.

I realized all the bus rides are super long! I keep napping during the rides. Okay. Back to the topic, we went to 3 Long Houses and we have a friend staying there. She entertained us and gave us snack to munch on. I love this particular food. It's actually coconut rice in a pitcher plant. Now wait, don't be disgusted. It's really very nice. It reminds me of 'ba zhang' (rice dumpling) as it is abit sticky. We also had rice wine but it felt more like sprite with alcohol to me. We then went to a 'Sunday market' when it was actually a Saturday. I also don't know why they called it Sunday market. I bought a straw bag, handmade bracelet and necklace from there.

27th December: I couldn't get up early today so I had to skip breakfast. I was still feeling very tired and kept falling asleep. Hehe.. We went to a place where the Ibans and tribe people lived. It was a sight to behold. Very different from the city life. There were lots of mosquitoes. There was this 'Head House' where it oversees the whole village. There were some human skeleton heads hanging in there. The tour guide said that those were heads of the enemies. When they were killed and skinned, they were hung above a fire. It is believed that the fire keeps the souls of the enemies warm, turning the evil spirits into good spirit so that they can protect the villagers from harm.

I went to blow the blowpipe. Damn, I nearly hit the target (pepsi can). =/ We watched the cultural dance by the people in a small theatre. It was pretty alright. Joshua bought this unique instrument which is like a guitar.

We went to a beach to sightsee. The weather was quite cloudy so it was the best weather to go to a beach. After spending 15 mins there, we went ahead to our next destination. LUNCH!!! Auntie Winnie, auntie Lisa, Nelly, Adrian and Adeline were with us on this day. We, children, order alot of good food which includes midin, lobster, red talipia, deer meat and many more! I had 2 bowls of rice again! We had some free time and went to walk around.

We had dinner at a stall nearby the hotel. It was tasty at all. Then we met Nelly and the kids went to catch Avatar at a shopping mall called Riverside Majesty. I was watching it for the 2nd time! I just love love love this show! We headed home after the movies and headed straight for bed while Yuan Shun came to my room to watch Batman: The Dark Knight.

28th December: I managed to have a filling breakfast! Hehehe.. We went to visit museums and we all find it boring. All of us just want to shop. LOL! Jonathan drove us around and I went to buy some handmade braclet for 3 of my friends, Zhen Xiang, Alex and Kayvern. I should have bought more so that I can give to Xiang Hao and Marcus and a few more. But at that time, I only thought of these 3 guys. Wakaka..

Sis and I sat in Janice's car with Nelly. By the way, Janice, Nelly and Adrian are siblings. Janice drove us to a coffee shop where it sell excellent 'gou lou mee' (pork mee). Sis and I had 1 and a half bowl each. I had guava juice while she had some juice. I forgot the fruit name. Then, we went to check out and went back to the airport. We all exchanged emails and I hope we will all keep in touch. We left at 4.30 pm and Singapore, here I come! At last, home sweet home although I don't mind staying longer in Sarawak.

After I got home, I met Zhen Xiang for dinner. He wanted to see me. So we met and had dinner, ice cream and watch 'Hi My Sweetheart' at my place. I will blog my happenings on 29th December tomorrow. I'm very tired now and I confirm will K.O. once I lie on my bed. Selamat malam people!

Thinking of you till 3:38 AM