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Thursday, December 31, 2009
PEZ Fling
OMG, my blog post are all 1 day late. Haha! Yeah, I was working at SAF Sembawang yesterday. There were so many army boys and the in - charge , Dave, told us that it was the 1st time that they were bringing beer into the camp for a celebration. He was quite a flirty person. As the blunt me, I didn't entertain him so Gen entertained him instead. There were many malays and most of them were drinking alot!

Overall, it was good. We had to wear christmas hats given by Dave. A few asked for my name and one gave me a Ferrero Rocher rose. How sweet of them. Hehe.. Dave gave us some food from the buffet as he was afraid we would go hungry. He also gave us the christmas hats as 'presents' and gave us 1 carton of Ferrero Rocher (3 x 16 6)!!! Gen and I split 3 each. It was my first time working in a army camp and I think it was really fun! I would like to look forward to more of such events.

I met Alex after work! He was an hour late but he already informed me beforehand. So while waiting for him, Zhen Xiang kept me company through the phone. I was also touching up my make up. In public! Gosh! I'm getting thick skinned. Alex reached about 10.30 pm in his mum's BMW 6 series. We then headed to Newton Circles for supper. Alex went to the toilet as he had a tummy ache. I managed to find a seat and waited for him to be done. Then we had white carrot cake (no chilli, no cong), chicken satay, rojak (cucumber and you tiao) and sugar cane with lemon! His treat. Yay!

After dinner, we spent almost half an hour in the car thinking where to go next. Then I suggested Marina Barrage and off to Marina Barrage we go. My my, it was so windy over there! There were people flying kite and it was like the 2nd time I've seen someone fly the kite till so high. Alex said next time he back we go fly kite. Haha.. We lied on the stone slab and enjoyed the wind. Of course we were also talking. Both of us were freezing as the wind was really strong. We talking till about 3.15 am then we decided to head home. Due to the cold wind and slab, my neck and left leg was hurting, like rheumatism sia.. Alex's back was a little aching too. So.. Alex offered to piggyback me down. So paiseh lah! After much persuasion, I gave in and he piggybacked me all the way to the ladies. Hehe.. It's been a while since someone piggyback me. =D

He went for a smoke while I was in the ladies. Then, he drove me home. I gave him the PEZ sweets, Kinder Bueno, and one box of Ferrero Rocher. I'm gonna make him hit the 100 kg mark. LOL! I'm giving 5 packets to Zhen Xiang. So bias right.. =/ Alex demanded a good night kiss as I didn't give him the previous time. So there I go. Just a peck on the cheek for my PEZ fling. Lalala~

Alright, I'm going to take a nap now. I will be bringing 1 box of Ferrero to Jie Jie Angeline's place tonight to give my nephews and niece. I'm planning to wear my peacock maxi dress! Haha.. Might be meeting Kayvern for prawning or Alex tonight. Alex will be flying to Beijing for internship tomorrow! Let us all countdown to 1st January 2010! Bye bye 2009!!!

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