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Saturday, December 19, 2009
I know I'm late for this post.. Just wanted to update about Wednesday. I was working 1st time at a chinese KTV pub at Duxon Blue and later proceed to Bonkers. Overall, I still prefer restaurants as 'uncles' in such pubs can be quite touchy. However, working in a pub has it's advantages. I managed to network a little and got to know 3 guys that night. One was a customer from England and his name is Ben. Nice and humourous guy. He was with a friend from Germany and his name is Julian. I also got to know the bartender at Duxon Blue. Very baby face guy. He reminds me of Alfred. Haha.. That night, Samantha was my partner and she can really push the sales well. I was quite lost as chinese KTV pub is not my cup of tea and some customers tend to be touchy. Plus, I don't know how to play dice. Samantha thought me how.. Well, I learn something new.

I was at Seafood International on Thursday. Alex stood me up with acceptable excuse though, I had a very strong feeling that he won't turn up that evening. I just don't know why women's intuition can be very strong at times. I really hope to see him before he fly off again. Mr Kheng called me and asked if I would like to go back to Pertapis Women's Home to teach. Of course I agreed. But I do hope Pertapis will deliver my pay cheque promptly. They're always very late in paying my salary. =( I told mum and dad about my job. They weren't too happy. And oh, exam dates are out! So scary. I got to plan my time well already. Next year will be a bustling year for me.

As for today, it has been a normal average day for me. Ben is flying back to England tomorrow and will probably be back during early Janurary. Have a safe journey home, Ben. Don't worry about the snow. It'll be alright. =)

Oh my goodness. It's almost 3 a.m. and I have got classes in the early morning. I'm off to bed now. Good night world. Hello lalaland.

Thinking of you till 3:00 AM