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Tuesday, December 15, 2009
Happiness Is A State Of Mind
I'm at chapter 2 of Love Happens now and Dr Burke Ryan (Aaron Eckhart) said this: "Happiness is a state of mind and it takes practice. Spend 5 mins a day smiling. Just smiling. And it will come to you naturally." I find it quite true. Year 2009 was a pretty rough year for most of us, or at least, for me. I've been through 2 heartbreaks but have gotten over it. Life still have to move on. I'm no longer in Accounting and Finance but am now in Mathematics and Economics. I know I'll somehow score better in this. >.<

I'm still in contact with Alex Tan. He's back from Switzerland for a shot period. We're going to have a catching up this coming Thursday. We crapped alot these days and decided to be PEZ flings! Haha.. Of course we were just talking nonsense and having fun. Through MSN.

I don't really have a stable tutoring job now as it's December and most parents would like to give their children a break. Or rather, save some money. Lol.. So currently, I've landed up as a brand ambassador (BA) a.k.a. 'high class' beer girl. I'm more to the diners side so I'll be mainly in restaurants, pubs or roving around. The company, Asia Pacific Breweries, had a PA (promoter something) dinner last night and we were invited along. The night was pretty slow for me. Luckily I had Zhen Xiang to accompany me. He is someone I met through DOTA and now become school mates c.u.m. friends.

Last night's dinner was held as Orchard Hotel. The uncles there (mainly managers) were trying to get us drunk. I'm not that dumb and barely drank half a glass of beer. Hehe.. I'd managed to socialize quite a bit and got to know some people. Ever since becoming a BA, I'm learning how to smile more and wearing heels much more often now without hurting my sole! I think smiling should come from within. I am happy when customers are polite to me and when they smile back at me. It's a wonderful feeling. Hence, I shall never stop smiling even when I'm sad. Remember, happiness is a state of mind. Another quote: "Emotions are not made by the thoughts and feelings of the people surrounding you. They are made up of your thinking." It went something like that. I couldn't recall the exact words and where I got them from. But you guys should know what I'm trying to get at right?

While at dinner, I was trying to get my PEZ fling but his handphone battery went flat! I wanted to catch Skeleton Key with him and he only managed to get back at about 1+am. He kept blaming his stupid phone! Haha.. Dad and sis came to fetch me home. Oh, I forgot to mention that I won an electric slow cooker and abit of cash. =DD

I can't wait for Christmas to come. My whole family will be going to Kuching, Sarawak, except for my brother. I can comfirm he sure bring Rebecca home lah.. That boy.. Kns one.. Haha.. But I trust him that he won't do anything funny lah.. Plus, I'll be toning at Xiang Hao (my very arh=good friend) place on Saturday. We're planning to catch Avatar and then have an early night. His mum will be cooking on Sunday! Yummy food! By the way, he just passed his motor TP! Congrats! He promised to get me a helmet when I'm learn bike. Yay!

And Kayvern, someone who has been sitting on my MSN list for the past few years, started to keep in touch with me. He's going to be my santa for this year but I have not much idea on what I'll be getting. Yay.. He's such a sweetheart. Made me some herbal tea so that I'll recover faster from my sore throat.

Well, the weather has been bad lately. Must be from all that carbon prints and greenhouse effect. And I am so hooked to online shopping! But I'm having some self-control now! Haha.. I shall stop blogging now. 22 and already becoming like an old woman. XD

P.S. I couldn't find my old bright blue for font coz they had changed the new editor. Thus, I'm using this romantic purple. =P


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