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Monday, June 30, 2008
Chubby Hubby

My darling has been back for 1 week and 3 days. He had gained weight while overseas. I guess the food in Taiwan is really good. I hope to go there someday since I love to travel and eat. I guess I have fed him well. *laughs* Jov also feed me well enough to gain weight. Wahaha.. 15 more days to go before I'm flying to Japan. So excited man.. A whole new culture for me to experienced. Joven said he'll try to quit smoking. I know it's really really not easy but at least he's trying. So is Danniel. Haiz.. Right now, I'm trying to bring Dan back to God. Jov still doesn't want to attend church so I won't force him. I will continue to pray for him.

Hmm, I'm still hanging out with Danniel occasionally and many things have happen. I hope God has a plan for us so that all would turn out well. I'm going to meet my ex-classmate, Mateen, later. He'll be riding me around for today. Then have dinner. Hehe.. I'm so excited. I haven't sat a bike for years and this is my second time. My 2nd facial appointment will be on Wednesday and I will be bringing my sister to Bella skin for her 1st facial. It's my treat. My mum will be next. Haha.. Thursday will be having dinner with Celine, my new cell leader and on Friday, I will be having my driving lesson. So far I have learn vertical and parallel parking. And I have to help my dad out at his clinic on Saturday. He said he wants to pass me down some skills. Thus I am booked for this whole week except Tuesday. Whew.. Every Saturday is boyfriend day and Sunday is church day! Hehe.. Okay, I'm signing out soon because I need to take a rest. Tired from looking at the computer. Zzz..

Thinking of you till 3:09 PM