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Tuesday, May 20, 2008
Lobster Dinner!
I found out that Pets Kiosk is actually Pets Saloon. Lol.. I went to visit Ruby last Saturday and she seems to be doing fine. She's now the same size as Chacko but she's only half the age of him!

Well, I have one more paper to go. POA was a super killer! I couldn't handle but with God's grace, I hope I can pass. We were supposed to study today but end up lazing the day off. So, I am going to wake up early tomorrow and meet Patrick and Jamica at 8.45am. Pat will be driving her to Temasek Poly so might as well pick me too. Then Joven dar will join us later. He's going to lose weight soon.. Getting fatter and cuter. Haha.. He hor.. put on weight since I've met him. But it's okay because I love him for who he is.We went to his aunt's place today for dinner. It was great! We had lobster soup with some rice and fishcake and meatball in it. So yummy! I hope I can cook great next time. I love food! But I know I must watch what I eat.. I had a good day overall. Except for my usual menstrual cramp.

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