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Thursday, May 29, 2008
Jobs and more jobs!
I had collected Ruby on the last day of my paper. I couldn't wait and I didn't have the time so I had decided to collect her one day earlier. I will definitely upload her picture soon. She's still a little scared and I'm still trying to tame her down.

Hmm.. my bf and I had a heart to heart talk. I will try to accept him smoking but I hope he will control himself. I understand that it isn't easy but if he have the will power, that shouldn't be a problem. Well, I am quite happy today. I went for 2 interviews and I got accepted for both. So I decided to take the Mediacorp job. I'm like a telemarketer, calling people and asking them for advertisement and survey. The pay is quite good for me. And oh, I had my bush pruned at Strip Co-ed at Cathy today. It was my first Brazilian wax! I selected a white chocolate wax. It hurts like anything and it's still quite sore now. I am still not used to my 'new' look. Hahaha.. However, I might go there again if I have the money. Lol.. Got to prepare for my birthday party tomorrow. Had a long day.. Sleepy now.. Zzz..

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