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Monday, May 12, 2008
Here Comes Ruby!
Alright, attention to all. I will NEVER buy any rabbits from Pets Kiosk anymore. The vet told me that Cherry caught the parasites from the batch she was with. But this time, Pets Kiosk couldn't refund me the money. Damn! I should have not taken her.. But it's alright.. At least I'm more aware about rabbit diseases and how to take proper care of them. Their food are alright. Just that their rabbits doesn't like healthy because Pepper also passed on. I called back and check if she was recovering but they told me she konk liao.. Heard that they don't treat the sick rabbits because the selling price cannot cover the treatment cost. Such cruelty shouldn't be tolerated. Afterall, animals can still feel pain and suffer. Poor rabbits.. Moreover, their rabbits are imported and by right, they should have a certificate or serial number but Pets Kiosk did not offer any.

Well, I've paid a deposit for a siamese albino and her name is Ruby. Her name is Ruby because of her red eyes. I got her from Mrs Tay. She's born on 3th April 2008. 2 months and 2 days after Chacko. She's quite a pretty and active little girl. I will definitely upload her pic soon when I get her.. Hehe.. I'll be collecting her on the 24th of May, one day after my last paper. I can't wait to bring her home.

Chacko is getting worse now. He even bites me! He had been like this ever since I came back from Mrs Tay's house last Saturday. That boy is so so naughty. Grr.. I've bought some wood (6 for $5.40) today for Chacko to chew on but he doesn't seems to be very comfortable with his new toy. Lol.. Guess he'll get used to it soon. His character follows his father, Xiao Hei. Chacko kept licking Ruby and gets chummy with her when I dropped at Mrs Tay's house. So maybe, he misses Ruby hence the mood swing. And just about that time, Mrs Tay's grey rabbit gave birth to 2 little babies. They're a lionhead and dwarf mixed. I hope my Ruby is a pure dwarf because her ears are quite long. I'm not very sure because I got her from Mrs Tay's friend. So I'm afraid that her heritary line might not be all pure. I've seen her sibling though and she has short ears, unlike Ruby. Oh well, time will show. I can't wait to breed them and see the little babies.

I've also bought a brush ($13.85) to comb his fur and indeed, his coat does look shiner and smoother. But he seems to be a little in pain when I brush him. Got to trim his nails soon as they are getting longer. Oh, Chacko had been looking really tired for the past 2 days. I wonder what's wrong.. He fell asleep when I put him on my lap there. This is quite rare as he is also up and alert. Hope he looks okay by tomorrow.. He's sleeping like a baby right..? So cute..

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