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Wednesday, April 30, 2008
My 2nd rabbit..
I went back to the pet shop on Saturday and I couldn't collect Pepper because she was having flu. I felt sad when I saw her as she had mucus all over her nose and she was breathing so hard. I had no choice but to pick another rabbit.
I chose a black one with a patch of white on her head. I names her Cherry. And guess what.. She had diahorrea 2 days later! I fed her some medicine for diahorrea but she didn't look like she's recovering. She didn't eat much and didn't poo for the next 2 days. So I brought her to a vet today and she was given a stronger medicine. I hope she recovers well.

Oh, Chacko is now house trained. He runs inside the house once I open his cage and will poo everywhere he goes. (He's placed outside my house) So naughty! But he will run back to his cage when I chase behind him. So cute right? This Chacko make me angry and happy at the same time. Lol.. Now, he's biting me more than he licks me. Guess he's getting more rebellious now. But it's also one of his ways of telling me that he needs to pee. Because he pees right after I put him in his toilet. Haha..

Exams are coming real soon and I'm not so prepared yet. Still studying and trying to fix the missing pieces.. I am feeling a little un-loved by my boyfriend lately. I don't know why I feel irritated at some things he said. Like 'that girl chio or not?'.. I told him no girlfriends will like if their man asked too frequently. I know he's just playing along with his buddies when they see char bo but it gets on my nerves. Perhaps it's the exam stress and Cherry's
illness. Looks like I got her at the wrong time. I hope everything will get better soon.

P.S. You can look for Raymond at Pets Kiosk or Mickey at House of Chinchillas. They offer great services!


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