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Wednesday, April 23, 2008
My New Rabbit!

I got a dwarf rabbit on 19 March, born on 1st Feburary 2008! He's called Chacko. He used to be very black (left side) but now his colour is changing. Well, the very next day, I went to Pets Kiosk at Serangoon North Ave 1 and bought a female! She's called Bambi (below). And she had diahorrea the very next day! 3 weeks later, I went back and was told that both rabbits are males! Lol!

Luckily, the boss allowed me to switch. But this new batch of rabbits are only 3 weeks old. I'm afraid that I couldn't handle so the boss, Raymond told me told get it this Saturday.
She's only half the size of Chacko! She's born on 1st April and I intend to call her Pepper. Well, Chacko isn't growing that much. He's still about the same size when I got him. (You can compare these 2 pics with the 1st one) I hope they'll be able to get along and i can breed them after my exams. Hard work pays off. I hope they won't konk out so soon. Currently, I'm still pretty inexperienced.

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