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Tuesday, June 05, 2012
When Fate Knocks
I know it's been more than a year since I last updated my personal blog. For a start, I am newly attached! To the most amazing man I can ever wish for. I would like to introduce him to you. His name is Manuel aka Jerry. He is 28 years old and is from Bad Hersfeld, Germany. He is a tall, lean man with very attractive green brown eyes and nice thick lips. Most exciting thing of all, he has CHEST AND NAVAL HAIR. SEXY! You have no idea how much I love my man to have chest hair. He doesn't like it but grows it for me because I love it!

How we met was really very random. We were both members of an online website call Meet Up. This website was introduced by my beloved polish friend, Heather. We were both in a group call Expats On A Mission. Well, odd to say, we did not meet during a meet up event. Jerry was scrolling through profiles in the group, found me cute and chatted me up. Yeah, I was silly enough to reply his mail. From December 2011 to January 2012, we were back to old school, only exchanging emails when we had the time.

It was only after his birthday that he decided that we should finally meet. So, we exchanged contacts and set up a place (Lena's @ NEX) to meet for dinner. First meeting I wasn't particularly talkative. Jerry almost didn't want to meet me the second time just because he couldn't read me and my thoughts.

Fast forward to February, we became closer, not lovers kind of close but more like a playful flirty kind of friendship. That was when he wanted to be more than friends. He said, "If you are looking for a boyfriend, I am not the one you are looking for. I am not ready to commit into any relationship.". Then he persuaded me into being friends with benefits. Well... I have been wanting to try a white dick if there is a chance, and since life is short,  I thought why not? Sex the first time was a little awkward. Both didn't really let ourselves go if you know what I mean. Anyhow, he decided that I had the potential to be great in bed and that we should continue. As our meetings increased, we found out that we can relate and get along pretty well. I managed to capture his heart and turned things around.

Finally, he realised that since we are so crazy over each other, what is actually stopping him from commitment? NOTHING. So on 5 April, he made our relationship official and I then became his girlfriend. We are very very happy and we haven't regretted since. Of course as couples, we have our ups and downs but we made a pact that none should go to bed angry. Chemistry, compatibility and communication is extremely important in any relationship.

To add on, my grades are out and I aced them once again! I had A+ for all modules in my 1st semester and scored 2 As and 2 A-s this semester. I finally pass my Year 1 with distinctions. I must say I am the happiest and luckiest girl around. Plus...... Sex has never been better.

Thinking of you till 4:21 PM

Tuesday, November 08, 2011
Lacquered Lover Giveaway!
My friend, Carly, from Peace, Love and Polish is having a giveaway and it is the legendary UNICORN PUKE from Cult Nails! This a awesome because she is an awesome blogger who is willing to give up her one and only bottle to her followers. Please check out her blog Lacquered Lover. She has some amazing nail art going in there.

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Friday, October 28, 2011
September and October Haul
Okay, ever since I got into this nail polish club, I've been spending a BOMB on nail polishes. It's a place whereby people from all over the world share about nail related things like swapping, latest collection, etc. We also confide in each other and we felt that we all could be trusted. I'm really glad to have them. Well, here is my post on my September and October haul. It's huge! Photos will be up after my exams.

BFF (haven't arrive)
Glittering Garland
Ghoulish Glow
Let's Do It In 3D
Liquid Leather
Meteor Shower
Midnight Kiss
Midtown Magic
Ring In The Red
Snow Globe

Poison Apple

Cold Metal
Foil Me Once
Hot Like Lava
Perfect Mol-ten

Borrowed & Blue
Coat Azure
Too Too Hot

Chunky Holo Bluebell
Chunky Holo Purple


Absolutely Alice
Honk If You Love OPI
Java Mauve-A
DS Original
Pros & Bronze
Simply Smashing
Taupe This Space Needle


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Monday, October 03, 2011
Copy Cat, Copy That Giveaway!
My nail polish friend Taylor, from Face and Friends, introduced me this nail blog Copy Cat, Copy That. She is having a 100 follower giveaway and it's China Glaze OMG and OPI DS Magic! OMG is almost extinct now!! Simply follow her blog to win these awesome polishes! Her nail art is awesome too!! I love her Daft Punk nails! It was actually part of our 31 day challenge. Do drop by her blog!!

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Monday, July 04, 2011
Amazing What Love Can Do
It's amazing how the human mind works. One minute one can be head over heels in love with you, and the next, so determined to cut off all contacts.

Yeap, I'm back to singlehood.

We went on a holiday to Krabi not long ago. I thought we were all doing well. Apparently, breaking up had been on his mind for some time. And he didn't even try to want to give another chance. No chance means no chance. He had no trust in me and that was the last reason I expected. A relationship cannot last without trust in your partner. I believed I had made many mistakes but none too serious for a break up (eg. cheating) although I believed being with me is never ever smooth sailing. It's always a roller-coaster being with me. You can either take it as challenging and exciting, or emotionally draining and constantly afraid.

Initally, being friends was still possible. But he suddenly felt it was best if we totally cut off contacts. Well, different people have different ways of handling situations and this was probably his best way of moving on. What I can do now is to learn from my mistakes and be a better person. As he said, I am a strong girl. And I am indeed. Something that doesn't kills me only makes me stronger. 

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast.

Although he is determined to cut off all contacts so he can move on, I will not blame him for that. Still, if we ever bump into each other, I hope we won't act like total strangers. I will still treat this journey as a good memory to be buried in a faraway spot. I wish him all the best and I thank him for everything.

P.S. I hope you will be loved by a more suitable girl. Do not be afraid to hurt or be hurt. Being in a relationship is not only about giving and compromising but it's also about taking and sharing your problems. Do not be afraid to share them as you'll never know whether she'll truly be there for you in times of need. Do not keep things inside your heart and do not be afraid to get angry. I know there's no free lunch in this world. I will definitely learn to say 'NO'. =)

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Wednesday, June 08, 2011
The Trace Face Philes Giveaway!!

The Trace Face Philes is having a giveaway! This is the second giveaway I'm joining right now! Moreover, it's open internationally!! I am so excited! I chose Orly Purple Crush set because I already have Color Club Chelsea Girl. This giveaway is pretty big! there's so many things!! Hehe.. I hope I will be the lucky winner. I'm still trying to set a proper nail blog and get the polish addict badge!

Thinking of you till 11:38 PM

Legally Lacquered Giveaway!!
There's a giveaway at legallylacquered!! It's within the USA! I am so excited.. I have so many nail polishes but an extra one wouldn't hurt. Moreover, it's Nfu Oh #61! It's only allowed maximum 2 per customer. I hope I will win this. So far, no luck at giveaways. Hope this one will win. AWESOME nail polish!!

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Monday, May 16, 2011
I like women but I love men more. =D Have been sleeping real early these days. Yup, I'm still crazy about nail polish. Joel is coming back from his Euro trip tomorrow. I'll be going to Krabi this Friday with my awesome friends and boyfriend! Can't wait! Praying for your exams daily. Jia you!! I hope as I age, I'll look younger and prettier. Hahaha! Wisdom tooth is out and it didn't hurt! Whew..

P.S. You are nothing but a passing cloud. Case closed.

My beloved fan and supporter. =P

Thinking of you till 11:16 PM